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Strategic Plan

OUR VISION: Powering curiosity, discovery, and connection

We respect each person by striving to create spaces, services, and collections that make individuals feel welcome, included, and represented, reflecting our commitment to diversity and anti-racism work. We support wellbeing and embody a shared culture of respect.

We lead with expertise by striving to bring excellence and transparency to our work and share our knowledge to advance learning, exploration, and the common good.

We are accountable by striving for equity and sustainability across the work of the Libraries to allow each of us to be responsible stewards of our resources and active participants in our community and in our world.

We support the journey by striving to provide accessible, open, and shared resources, and maintain integrity and trust in our collaborations to enable evidence-based innovation, individual growth, and organizational transformation.

Together we make the difference.

By the Numbers

DigitalResearchCirculationTotal Visits
  • Article downloads: 5,591,117
  • Website visits: 1.7 million
  • E-book downloads: 1,298,976
  • E-books available: 2,750,403
  • E-serials available: 416,113
  • Database searches: 6,802,284
  • Research questions answered: 34,268
  • Service desk transactions & other types of transactions (e.g. liaison consultations): 27,965
  • Emails/chats (LibAnswers)
    • Chats: 1,797
    • Email questions: 4,506
    • 96,194: total loans on the Twin Cities campus
    • 33,295: Get It requests for items from the Twin Cities campus, of which:
        • 7,259 items were for home delivery and;
        • 3,109 requests were for office delivery.
  • Total in-person visits: 967,350
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