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Text and data mining

Four researchers sit side by side at a table; in front of them is an open laptop, and behind them a screen displaying data

Michael Beckstrand of LATIS; Prof. Yuan Cheng of the Humphrey School; researcher Shuping Wang; and Cody Hennesy, U of M Libraries.

Text and data mining methods and tools enable researchers to study and analyze large amounts of content and data (from news and social media, for instance) — but requires advanced programming skills and new ways to access content. That is where Librarian Cody Hennesy and Michael Beckstrand of LATIS (Liberal Arts Technologies and Information Services) can help.

Happy 15th anniversary to the University Digital Conservancy!

The University Digital Conservancy (UDC) celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2022!

The UDC holds more than 100,000 articles, University documents, dissertations, datasets, and more — recently adding 11,000 issues of the Minnesota Daily. It provides free, public access and long-term preservation to work created across the U of M system.

The Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM) is a program of the UDC and is the place for U of M faculty, staff, and students to share, publish, and preserve their digital research data for long-term access and future use.

During FY22, 7,244 new records were added, and 4,426,950 total items were downloaded from UDC.

Over 15 years, 100,000+ records have been added to UDC, including:

  • 13,000 theses and dissertations
  • 760 datasets
  • 9,000 Extension publications
  • 16,000 University publications and reports
  • 35+ million total downloads

Course guides and research guides

The Libraries 759 course guides and a total of 1,500 (880 published) research guides, and tutorials were viewed a total of 473,273 times.

Guides also include timely topics, such as Brian Vetruba’s Conflict in Ukraine guide (created in March, with 1,843 views), and general guides, such as the How to find resources by format guide (25,784 views).

Top tutorials include:

  • How to read and comprehend scientific research articles: 54,395 views
  • Evidence-Based Practice: 15,197 views
  • Choosing a research paper topic: 8,588 views
  • What is a Library Database and why should I use one?: 7,119 views
  • Academic Integrity at the U of M: 5,827 views
  • Creating an effective search strategy: 2,930 views

Data Curation Network

A researcher delivers a presentation to a small audience

The Data Curation Network workshop.

Since its founding by the University of Minnesota Libraries and partners in 2018, the Data Curation Network (DCN) has grown to 17 members. The Network has collectively curated more than 300 datasets through a shared curation workflow.

In the past year and in the coming year, the DCN has been involved in two collaborative research projects, is actively preparing for and supporting researchers in advance of the upcoming NIH Data Sharing requirements, and is hosting a learning series to support researchers, program officers, and librarians.

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