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The Face of Our Friends 2011

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What’s in It for Friends of the Libraries?

Gayle Graham YatesThere is a cookbook collection in Magrath Library on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. In the Andersen Horticultural Library at the University’s Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, there is a collection of botanical prints made by artists who specialize in exquisitely detailed and precisely accurate plant art. In the James Ford Bell Library on the fourth floor of Wilson Library, there is a collection of antique and rare—even one-of-a-kind—maps made by very early cartographers. The Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts unit holds in its Performing Arts Archive the extensive papers and records of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, as well as other local arts organizations.

These are only a few examples from the millions of volumes that the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries have been privileged to learn about, view, or even touch as members have attended or sponsored special programs in recent years.

The Friends have a close-in perch for seeing what the Libraries do. While exposure to the Libraries’ treasures—books for reading, study, and research; electronic resources for the same purposes; archives and special collections for heritage preservation—is not the purpose of the Friends, such an advantaged perspective enables the Friends to appreciate what we have and to do our work of supporting the Libraries with alacrity.

The Friends’ purpose is to assist the librarians and staff in making the University Libraries and its resources more greatly visible to the community and to encourage many more people both inside the University and outside to become users and supporters of the Libraries. We do this by having special events and sometimes promotions of library items or collections. For example, two years ago we sponsored a members-only musical program with VocalEssence’s conductor and pianist Philip Brunelle and soloist Maria Jette (now a Friends board member) performing some lively songs, the music for which could be found in the Music Library in Ferguson Hall. Our annual “Feast of Words” event features both clever and scholarly speakers chosen from the University’s faculty, including Gerhard Weiss, a favorite retired German professor, who shared little-known facts about the origin of theEncyclopedia Americana. This February, a month focused on love and romance, saw a delightful presentation on one of the original love stories—the legend of Tristan and Isolde—by medievalist and former Friends board member Stephanie Van D’Elden.

While the Friends help the librarians and staff with board and committee meetings, planning events, and publicizing programs on behalf of the Libraries, we also find social and intellectual satisfaction, personal delight, and a fine sense of serving a worthy institution in membership and participation in the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries. It is a joy.

Gayle Graham Yates
President, Friends of the Libraries

Thank you to our Friends and Supporters

This list recognizes all contributions to the University of Minnesota Libraries from July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may occur. If we have omitted your name or listed your name incorrectly, please contact Lanaya Stangret at 612-624-9339 or

In-Kind Donations

Niels W. Bodecker
John P. Borger
Christopher G. Cardozo
Dr. James Cortada
Philip A. Duran
William L. Edwards
Kristine L. Franklin
Nathan Freeman
Abigail Garner
Gregory T. Gronseth
Paul G. Heller
Alan H. Lareau
Gail I. Lewellan
Tom Lichtenheld
Wilma & Carl Machover
Jean A. Mahoney
Lori Mc Elrath-Eslick
Dr. Robert J. Poor & Geraldine S. Schmitt-Poor
Drs. Minette E. & David A. Ponick
Mark E. Rosheim
Margaret & Lee Skold
David Slobodkin
Tamara J. Slobodkin
Erwin Tomash
Prof. Jack Zipes

$100,000 and above

Andersen Book Trust
Ann G. Salovich Estate*

$50,000 to $99,999

Jane E. Larson Estate*
Susan and Jim Lenfestey
Muriel M. Orcutt Estate*

$10,000 to $24,999

American Agricultural & Applied Economics Assn.
Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Foundation
Dr. Cornelia W. Ooms Beck
John P. Densmore
Dr. Fred R. Erisman
Graywolf Press
Mary S. Malnar Estate*
Virginia G. Puzak
Hugh G. Rouse & Leonard R. Olds
Harold & Myra Shapiro
Owen H. & Sarah D. Wangensteen Trust Fund
Wheelock Whitney
Philip H. Willkie
Dr. John R. Yoakam Estate*

$5,000 to $9,999

Dr. Dorothee M. Aeppli
Jack B. & Geraldine B. King
Minnesota Orchestra
Charles M. Nolte Estate*
Jill J. Smith

$1,000 to $4,999

Applied Psychological Measurement Inc.
Michael & Natalie Bachelder
John E. Bergquist & Inez Waltman Bergquist
Best Buy Purchasing LLC
Eleanor Butler Cameron Estate*
Drs. Edward J. & Arlene E. Carney
John Cowles III & Page Knudsen Cowles
Drs. Maryanna Destro & John J. Woog
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Martha N. Douglas
Dr. John P. Driscoll
Dr. Clifford C. Fortin PhD
Bernard W. & Norma B. Gaffron
Dr. Dean C. Hansen
Gregg Hildebrandt
Marilyn P. & Warren H. Hollinshead
Sally A. Kaiser Estate*
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Inc.
Lois E. & Richard J. Kelly
Ruth I. Knee Estate*
Solveig M. Kramer
Dr. Russell H. & Karen A. Larsen
Lerner Foundation
Kristin N. Lockhart & M. Pia Sass
Dr. Michael D. Lougee & Wendy Pradt Lougee
Jane Lowry
Dr. C. Peter Magrath
David A. Mark & Jean E. D’Amico
Mary Anne & John J. Mauriel Jr.
Michael E. Mc Kuras
Virginia S. & Robert J. McCollister
Paul C. Nagel*
National Recreation & Park Association
John G. & Margaret M. Ordway Jr.
Prof. Daniel A. & Patricia C. Panshin
Mrs. Howard C. Pierce
Prof. Stephen Prager
Curtis L. Roy
Robert Rulon-Miller
Zon R. Shumway
John L. Sullivan
Drs. Richard J. Sveum & Jennifer M. Olson
Margaret Telfer
Terry L. & Virginia M. Tranter
Dr. Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden
Dr. David J. Weiss
Barbara F. Weissberger
Drs. Wilson Yates & Gayle Graham Yates
Carolyn R. & John A. Yngve
Beth L. Zemsky

$500 to $999

Robert Anholt & Ann Waltner
Profs. Beverly Balos & Mary L. Fellows
Bassford Remele P. A.
Eric Beesemyer
Dr. Marjorie Wall Bingham
Peter E. Blau
Boeing Co.
Briggs and Morgan PA
Dr. Gregory G. & Leota K. Brucker
George F. & Lynne Detrick
Faegre & Benson LLP
Judith L. & Edward L. Farmer
Fish & Richardson P. C.
Connie J. Foote
Connie Foote Family Fund
John J. Foreman
Dr. Maxine Freund
Dr. Brian R. Gabrial
General Mills Foundation
Geraghty O’Loughlin & Kenney P. A.
Goodrich Sensors & Integrated Systems
Robert J. Green & Erin L. George
Bert Gross & Susan Hill Gross
Janet Gulden
Susan Haggberg-Miller
Marjean V. Hoeft & Lisa Vecoli
R. J. Hoyle & Dr. Karen Nelson Hoyle
Joan DeCoursin Humes
Innovations in Medicine LLC
Drs. Charles R. & Sally B. Jorgensen
Martin N. & Esther M. Kellogg
Dr. Richard J. & Patricia L. Kirschner
David J. & Ruth E. Klaassen
Karen Koepp
Leonard Street & Deinard PA
Lerner Publishing Group
Lindquist & Vennum PLLP
Prof. Paul T. & Beatrice B. Magee
Mary McDiarmid
Katherine L. McGill
Russell L. Merritt
Morgan Senior Foundation
Steven P. & Monica Nagel
Norway House
Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota Inc.
John K. Notz
Scott R. & Judith R. Olsen
Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP
Lois Benson Pflueger
Ann S. & Felix M. Phillips
Marcia M. Reardon
Joseph F. Slate
J. & P. Slate Charitable Fund
Debra Mitts Smith
Drs. MaryJo O. & Guy M. Smith
Francis J. Sorauf
James W. Steer
Dr. Linnea A. Stenson
Truist-Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota
Gedney & Emily Anne Tuttle
Dr. Peter R. & Eunice Weisensel
Dr. Stephen Willging & Katherine Wells
Adelia K. Wilson
Ypsilon Associates

$499 and below

The 106 Group Ltd
3M Foundation Inc.
Fnu Abhijit
Edythe B. Abrahamson
Jessica Abson
Jamal Adam
Vida & Gordon P. Adelman
The Advocates For Human Rights
Charles T. Agan
Vishal S. Agarwal
Laurie B. Agrimson
Dr. George E. Ahlgren
Barbara A. Aiken-Ali
Bruce D. Aikin
Karen J. Akkerman
Christine V. Alfano
Arthur Allen
Brent Allison & Sarah Lipsett-Allison
Nancy E. Allison
Marino C. Alvarez
Emily E. Andersen
Anderson Audiology Consulting
Carol R. & V. Elving Anderson
Donald D. Anderson
Geoffrey Anderson
Gordon B. Anderson
Janet I. Anderson
Karolyn S. Anderson
Dr. Le Moyne & Hollis Anderson
Marion L. Anderson
Ralph J. Anderson
Thomas D. Anderson
Dr. Vicki Anderson
Ryoichi Ando
Mark R. Andrews
Woodbury H. Andrews
Dr. John O. Anfinson
Jacqueline A. Angus
John A. Ankeny
Ronald L. Antos
Joan M. Arndt
Doris H. Arnold
Elizabeth H. Askey
William G. Asp
Pierre Asselin
Margie J. Autry
Barbara S. Bach
Dr. Ayers L. Bagley & Prof. Marian-Ortolf Bagley
Drs. George W. & Nancy R. Bain
Kate Baird
Jeffrey S. Baker
Mary F. Baker
Zachary M. Baker
Max J. Balhorn
Robert F. Ball III
Drs. Todd & Karen Ballen
Dr. Carolyn Y. Bang
Elvi J. Bankey
Dr. Laird H. Barber
Sheila A. Barbetta
Donna L. Barbour-Talley
Dr. Nancy V. Barcelo
Barclift & Associates LLC
Adolph Barclift
Mary S. Baremore & Roberta J. Cordano
Jana A. Bariss-Ayele
Dudley Barksdale
Kirstine R. & Gerald P. Barnaby
David Baron
Harold P. Barron
Robert L. & Linda M. Barrows
David J. Bartlett
Dr. Robert W. & Sharon J. Bastian
Dr. Nina M. Battistini
Allan Baumgarten & Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten
Sheree L. Beam
Jean M. & Lewis Beccone
Martha E. Beck
Paula J. Beck
Beckman Coulter Foundation
Edward E. Beckmann
Dr. Sanford H. & Jolayne J. Bederman
Poornima Bedi
Matthew J. Beehr
Eileen E. Beha
Jason Beierle
Patricia S. Belian
Richard Belkin
Gerald P. Bender
Marian R. Bender
Mary Ann Benditt
Les Bendtsen
Benedictine Sisters Benevolent Association
John D. Bengtson
Dr. Jerry H. Bentley
Stanton O. Berg
William H. & Marion M. Berge
Phillip G. Bergem
Charles S. Bergen
Mark J. Bergen
Arthur F. Bergstrom
Jane C. Bergstrom
Jon M. Berkin
Prof. Hyman & Betty Berman
Sanford Berman
Harvey A. Bernard
Frances A. Bernhardt
Kelsey E. Beson
Best & Flanagan LLP
Hilary M. Beste
Abbie B. Betinis
Raymond L. Betzner
Robert C. Beverage
Dr. Marjorie A. Biddle
Marcia K. Bignall
Karen M. Bihrle
Deborah Biorn
Birchwood Laboratories Inc.
Laura D. Bischof
Dr. Stephen I. Bistner
John R. Bitterman
Robert A. Bjerke
David Bjork & Jeff Bengtson
Kristine M. Black
Thomas J. Blackmar
Joseph C. Blade
Donald F. Blasl
Elizabeth S. D. Blaufuss
Richard D. Bliss
Mildred M. Blonigen
Dennis F. & Mari-Ellen Bobel
Dr. Deanna H. Boddie
Kathy L. Bodnar
Keith A. Boe
Thelma Boeder
Dorothy C. Bohn
Donald Bolling & Barbara Andersen Bolling
Julie H. Bolton
Michael R. Boness
Bonestroo Inc.
Alan J. Bonham
Margaret A. Borg
Marilyn A. Borgendale
Andria M. Botzet
Dawn K. Bowden
Prof. Norman E. Bowie
Shirley M. Brady
Michael Brahmey
Steve A. & Gail G. Brand
Janet E. Brandt
Linda S. Brandt
Frank R. Braun
Dr. David W. & Evelyn P. Breeden
Lorna J. Breiter
Jeannine Breton
Dr. Betty Taylor Bright
Gregory S. Bringman
Michael B. Brock
Virginia S. Brodeen
Frederick W. Brooke IV
Vincent Brosnan
David A. Brouchous
Gregory C. Brown
Dr. Melanie A. Brown
Scott Brown
Susan M. Brown
Judith K. Brown-Wescott
Karen L. Brudvig
Myrna W. Brudvig
Lucy M. & Robert Brusic
Lindsey C. Bryant
Corinna A. Buchholz
Dr. Emilie Buchwald
Elizabeth C. Buckingham 
& John L. Owens
Paul A. Buckley
Karl M. & Grace Y. Bunday
Dr. Ann Wagner Bundgaard
Sharon J. Bunnell
Dr. Betty Ann Burch
Ann L. Burckhardt
Hon. Randall Burg & Carol L. Nielsen
Roger F. Burg
Deborah E. Burke
William E. Burleson
Joseph W. Burns
Dr. Bartlett R. Butler
Shelley J. Butler
David E. Byer
C. N. A. Consulting Engineers
Nancy G. Caffoe
Victor L. Cahn
Robert F. Cairo Jr.
Dr. Marjana & Robert Callery
Alicia A. Cameron
Dr. Shirley A. Campbell
Joseph E. Campion & 
Marguerite Ragnow
Capell Farms
Susan R. Capell
Abigail S. M. Caperton
Ellen & Richard Caplan
Rick Cardenas
Michael Carey & Margaret Brown-Carey
Dr. Bruce M. Carlson
Karen J. Carlson
Vera M. Carney
Charlotte Carpenter
Roger M. Carpenter
Louise Carpentier
Mary Ellen Carroll
Thomas E. Casey
Margaret & Alejandro Catambay
Richard E. Cawood
Mark Ceilley
Eric Celeste & Mary Hess
Kathie A. Cellotti
Dr. Kathie K. Cerra
Justin R. Chadwick
Ronda Chakolis
Oscar B. Chamberlain
Dr. Chi-Keung Chan
Joanne C. M. Chappellaz
Gerardo P. Chavana
Yiqiao Chen
Sylvia Y. Chinn
Chu-Yuan W. & Dr. Chia-Pin Chiu
Sharon L. Chmielarz
Kar-Keat Chong
Horace R. Chope
Paul Chrenka & Martha Ballard
Laura J. Christensen
Paul R. Christensen
Dr. David L. Christenson
Shirley J. Christenson
Ilene Christian
J. R. Christianson
Sarah E. Christopher
Angela M. Christy
Cornell Chun
Michael B. Cina
Eliza C. Shardlow Clark
Dr. Edward W. & Cheryle Clausman
Kathleen E. Cleary
Chris O. Cley
Charles W. Clifford
Eva R. Cohen
Saul Cohen
Benjamin W. Coleman
Prof. Eli Coleman
Jeanne M. Connelly
Ann M. Connor
Judith & Samuel F. Conti
Christopher J. Conway
Teresa A. Cook
Dr. Cheryl L. Cooke
Alice Clark Cooney
Margaret J. Cooper
Elaine M. & Joseph A. Coppola
Margaret H. Cords
Dixie L. & Richard D. Cornell
Daniel L. Cosentino
Louis C. Cosentino
Elizabeth H. Cowie
J. Randolph Cox
Karen A. Cox
John R. Coy
Todd F. Coyle
Willard D. Crakes
Jon R. Cranney
Jacquelyn M. Cronin
Dr. Edwin L. Crosby
Joseph M. Crosby
Margaret L. Cruikshank
Peter J. Crupe
Nicholas J. Csargo
Philip J. Cunningham
Lu Ellen F. Curran
Lawrence J. Czarnecki
Randy P. Dahl
Guangrong Dai
Richard & Doris Dale
Carol S. Daly
Joanne M. & Treffle R. Daniels
Peter J. Danio
Ivan M. Dart
Katherine B. Davis
Lori S. Day
Dorothy A. Dayton
Linda J. De Beau-Melting
Ann M. De Groot
Peter H. De Long
Frank J. De Mars
Dr. Gary B. Deason
Renate DeConna
Americo J. Del Calzo
David Del Tredici
Jim DeLeo
Jennifer Delisi
The Delta Airlines Foundation
Dr. Robert D. DeMaster
M. Susan Dennis
George Deretich
Marcel A. Derosier
Bruce Derscheid
William J. & Barbara I. Dewey
Susan Z. Diamond & Allan T. Devitt
D. Scott Dibble
Neil B. Dieterich III
Richard L. Dieterle
Christopher Dietz & Jo Anne Judge-Dietz
Diversified Technology 
Group Inc.
Christina F. Doku
Nathaniel S. Doku
Allen L. Dollerschell
Bruce R. Doran
Ralf Dose
John D. Douthit
Dr. Daniel R. Doyle
Georgina M. J. Doyle
P. J. Doyle
Kay E. Drache
David K. Driscoll
Rita B. Drone
Virginia C. Dudley
Jonathan D. Dueck
Dr. Joel R. Dufresne
Alice O. Duggan
Chris R. Duggan
Melanie J. Dunshee
William K. Dustin
Nomi & Martin Dworkin
Carol C. & Robert E. Dye
Lou Ann & Robert Dykstra
Christine A. Dyrud
Michael V. Eckman
Joseph J. Eckrich
Sally J. Economon
Eugene I. Edie
Dr. Laura J. Edman
Dr. Glenace E. Edwall
Carolyn A. Elerding
Karen Carnahan Ellery
Caroline & John R. Ellis
Michael M. Ellis
Jean M. Elvekrog
Emerson Electric Co.
Robert A. Emery
Mark W. Emme
George E. Emrick
Harry A. Engelbrecht
Clement C. Engen
Carol J. Erdahl
Jared A. Erdmann
Elizabeth B. Erickson
Karen Sue Erickson
Steven Eriksrud
John A. Ernste
Kurt M. Errickson
Jane E. Eschweiler
Mauri L. Evans
Dr. Patricia R. & Richard M. Evans
Soren Eversoll
Karen Fadden
Mark G. Fagan
Joan M. Fagerlie
Kathleen G. Fahey
Linda Falch
Lawrence F. Farrar
Leanne T. Farrell
Dr. Sonia N. Feder-Lewis
Zhongqian Fei
Jane A. Feicht
Dennis S. Feigenbaum
Kay J. & Nile R. Fellows
Elizabeth S. Fenn
Michael R. Ferguson
Paul A. Ferreira
Jessica L. Fiala
Heidi & David Fielding
Billy W. & Donna L. Fields
Dr. Harlan R. Finney
Dean Thomas Fisher & Claudia Wielgorecki
Lynn H. Fisher
Janice Fisher & Steven Rothman
Wallace E. Flatgaard
Susan C. Flynn
Sharon M. Folk
Ronald E. Fontaine
John B. Forbes
Jacqueline M. Ford
Foth Infrastructure & Environment
Mary E. Fowles
Doris S. Frank
Joann K. Frankena
Robert S. Frazier
Dr. Carol J. Freeman
Dr. Jeanne E. Freiburg
Dr. Katherine L. French
Sarah L. French
Melanie J. & Roger L. Frick
Arlene & Lester Friedman
Friends School of Minnesota
Dr. Alan B. Frol
Dr. Barrie R. Froseth
Carrol L. Fry
Rosemary Furtak
Andrew G. Fusco
Anne A. Gadwa
George Gaffaney & Mary Lou Thunselle
James C. Gahlon
Neil Gaiman
Thomas S. Galbo
Elizabeth A. Gales
Galliard Capital Management
Denis P. Gardner
John T. & Nancy H. Garland
James A. Garlough
Brett O. Garrett
Marlene S. Garvis
Dr. David J. Gasperino
Prof. Mary Ellen Gee
Thomas A. Gekler
Ash M. Genaidy
General Mills Inc.
Kara L. Genia
Helen M. George
H. M. George Books
Kristi N. Gibson
Caroline M. Gilbert
Dr. Daniel R. Gilbert Jr.
Dr. Irvyn G. Gilbertson
Michael E. Gilleland
Wayne G. Gisslen
Geralyn A. Glasser
Lisa J. Go
Katherine H. Goertz
Matthew B. Goff
Dr. Barbara W. Gokcen
Terence M. Golden
Clifford Goldfarb
Jane J. Goodnight
William D. Goodrich
Dr. Christine Mack Gordon
Maria S. & Thomas J. Gottwalt
Marilyn Gould
Todd F. Grant
John & Lucille Gravelle
Bonnie B. Graves
Anne L. Gray
Larry Greaves
Joseph M. Green
Dr. Alton L. Greenfield
Leon & Marcia Greenfield
Patricia M. Greenlees
Dr. David Gregg & Peg Hersch
Alexian A. Gregory
Ronald P. Grenier
Linda Greve
Dr. David F. Grigal
Amanda S. Grimm
Gregory N. Grinley
Shane J. Grunewald
Dr. Glenn Gullickson Jr.
Mithun M. Gundi
Jennifer L. Gunn
Kim M. Gustafson
Harriet R. Guthertz
Robert S. Guthrie
Rosalie B. Guthrie
Elizabeth A. Gutzman
Jeffrey J. Haack
Prof. Paul A. Haack
Bridget M. Haas
Sharon A. Haas
Clair R. Haberman
Dr. Jan J. Hacker
Senka & Jasna Hadzic
Phyllis A. Haensel
Donna K. Hageman
Dr. Aaron L. Hagen
Hagen Christensen & McIlwain Architects PA
Samatalis H. Haille
Elizabeth Hall
Gail Hall
Kathleen M. Hall
Margaret L. Hall
Ralph E. Hall
Stephen P. Hall
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Hall III
Darlene E. Hamilton
James C. Hamm
Hammel Green & Abrahamson Inc.
David L. Hammer
Prof. C. Michael Hancher Jr.
Dr. Patrick E. Hanna
Allen E. Hansen
Brenda G. Hansen
Toran J. Hansen
Dr. Barbara E. Hanson
Dr. Chad A. & Barbara Hanson
Dr. Donald F. Hanson
Douglas W. Hanson
Emily M. Hanson
Phebe D. Hanson
Philip A. Hardy
Jon M. Harkness & Jean Storlie
Brian J. Harmon
Yevgeniya Harrington
Jeffory Hart
Prof. John Fraser Hart
Rowena Hartman
John P. & Nancy K. Harvat
Hugh D. Hawkins
James R. Hayne
Research Foundation
Carol E. Heath
Larry S. Hebert
Kathleen B. Hedges
Eric M. B. Heideman
Eva Heidmann
Ronald W. Heil Jr.
Dr. Judith C. Helgen
Victoria Helgeson
Michael J. Hensley
Barbara A. Herbert
Richard D. Hermans
Helena Hernmarck
Marcia K. Herring
William Hershleder
Evelyn Herzog & John Baesch
Robert C. Hess
Hess Roise & Co. Inc.
Jane Hession
Dr. James A. Hewitt
Dr. Gregg E. Hickey
Donna M. Hicks
Dylan D. Hicks
Patrick T. Higgins
Masamichi Higurashi
Terrance F. Hilary
Kanika S. Hill
Frances P. Hillier
Barbara J. Hillman
Yuichi Hirayama
James M. Hirsch
Historical Information 
Gatherers Inc.
Marilyn E. Hobbs
Steven S. Hoel
Nancy K. Hof
John D. Hofherr
Jane L. Hogan & Dr. Paul R. Johnson
John & Kimberly Hogan
Arthur L. Hogenson
Eugene D. Hogenson
Sharon M. Hogenson
Joyce W. Holbrook
Dr. Torild M. Homstad
Michael C. Hooven
Dr. Margaret J. Hornbacher 
& J. Stephen Benson
Dr. Margaret E. Horsnell
Douglas B. Hoverson
Prof. John R. Howe Jr. & Judith J. Howe
Dr. Kathleen Howe
Monica R. Howell
Prof. Dennis R. & Audrey K. Hower
Wesley V. Hromatko D.Min
Lucinda L. Hruska-Claeys
Jinzhou Huang
George J. Hubbs
Margaret S. Hubbs
Sarah & James Hubbs
Robert W. Hull
Yvonne B. & James E. Hunter Sr.
S. Aino M. Husen
Rosalie A. Huston
Zenas W. Hutcheson III
Diane G. Hutchinson
Renee L. Hutter
Prof. Emeritus Warren E. 
& Mary E. Ibele
IBM International Foundation
Rebecca B. Inners
Jerome H. Irsfeld
Gary H. Irwin
Richard T. Isaacson
Dr. Reginald H. & Joan L. Isele
Itasca Consulting Group Inc.
Russell D. Iverson
Renee J. Iwen
Dr. William V. Jackson
Dr. David W. Jacobson
Susan D. Jacobson
Kathleen M. Jaglo-Joseph
Dr. William R. Jahnke II
Dr. Shawn C. Jarvis
Marjorie L. Jenkins
Harald H. Jensen
Dr. Todd L. Jensen
May P. Jesseph
Maria Jette
Feng Jing
Dr. Rosie Webb Joels
Prof. Ruth-Ellen Boetcher Joeres
Thea Johansen
John Lauber & Co. LLC
Dr. Josie R. Johnson
Jo Ann M. Johnson & D. David Lenander
Brian L. Johnson
Carol A. Johnson
Carol A. & Dennis J. Johnson
Dr. Deidre A. Johnson
Dennis R. Johnson
Donald A. Johnson Jr.
Dr. Donald C. Johnson
Douglas A. Johnson
Eunice Bisbee Johnson
Gerald B. Johnston
Herbert F. & Delores E. Johnson
John W. & Carolyn L. Johnson
Kathleen S. Johnson
Margaret A. Johnson
Margel R. Johnson
Marion R. Johnson
Dr. Michelle A. Johnson
Robert W. Johnson
Susan M. Johnson
Terri M. Johnson
Thomas D. Johnson
Mark J. Johnston
Lynne Jonell
Edward T. Jones
Ellen M. Jones
Wayne Jones
Dr. Heidi L. Joos
Marcel R. Jouseau
Dr. Terrence H. Joyce*
John W. Jutsum Jr.
Leslie J. Kallas
Ruth M. Kamena
Christa C. Kamenetsky
Mary Ann Kan
Dr. Maythee J. Kantar
Elisabeth Kaplan & Robert B. Horton
Marita G. Karlisch
Stefanie M. & Robert I. Karon
Herbert L. Karrer III
Arlene Kase
John S. Katics
Prof. Diane Katsiaficas
Dr. Robert S. Katz
John F. & Joyce M. Kaufman
Ebrahim F. Kazemzadeh
Dr. Michael H. Kean
Thomas J. Keeler
Dr. Steven J. Keillor
Daniel T. Kelley
Janet M. Kellogg
Julia A. Kelly
Lawrence J. Kelly Jr.
Carol Jo & Donald G. Kelsey
Calvin B. Kendall
Joanne E. Kendall
Mark R. Kennedy
X.J. C. & Dorothy M. Kennedy
X. J. & Dorothy M. Kennedy Ltd
Phyllis K. Kennemer
Dr. Jeffrey & Denise Kerlan
Dr. Robert A. & Andrea E. Kerlan
Jack D. Key
J. William Keyser
Nahid S. Khan
Leonid & Eleonora Khaskin
John P. Kiefer
Dr. Richard L. & Kristi L. Kiesling
David P. Kilpatrick
Susan E. Kimberly
Mary L. Kimmes
Marla J. Kinney
David T. & Catherine A. R. Kirkpatrick
Margaret L. Kirkpatrick
Dr. Deane A. & Diane M. Kishel
Richard J. & Francine Kitts
Dr. Peter J. Kizilos-Clift
Jody J. Klaassen
Thomas J. Klas
Dr. Verla J. Klassen
Jeffrey Klaus
Peter Klaus
Allan W. Klein
Dr. James A. Klein
Lori J. Klein
Leslie S. Klinger
Paul A. Kluge
Ellen A. Kniebel
Carolyn R. Knutson
Charles & Beth Knutson
Dr. Donald M. Knutson
Myong K. Ko
Kenneth P. Koeneman
Brett Koenig
Prof. David Kopf
Nancy Kosciolek
Luanne S. W. Koskinen
Sondra D. Kozinn
Wayne L. Krefting
Rosemary & George Kreutzer
George J. & Rosemary P. Kreutzer Family Trust
Dr. Kathryn W. Kromroy
Prof. Nicolai V. Krylov
Brian J. Krysinski
Andrew Kuchling
Laura A. Kuhn
Melody L. Kukk
Steven L. Kummer
Regina G. Kunzel
Judith L. Kurtz
Elizabeth A. Kuusisto
Linda J. Kuusisto
Mary G. Kwong
Dr. Anton E. La Bonte
Lyn E. Lacy
Colette LaFond
Lora Landers
Christoph A. Landolt
Val R. Landwehr
Alice L. Lane
Janis Lane-Ewart
Dr. Dale L. Lange
Elizabeth Ann Lange
Keith R. Lange
Kyle A. Langlands
Jackie Lannin
Kris H. Larsen
Joan B. Larson
John C. Larson
Mary Alice Larson
Susan Larson & Tom Lewis
Joyce Larson-Schampel
Prof. Alan K. & Peggy E. Lathrop
John Lauber
Dr. Robert T. Laudon
Angela D. Lauinger
Eugene P. Lavrenchuk
James M. Lawrence
Matt G. Leake
Margaret K. Leddick*
Eric J. Lee
Marlyce I. & Don E. Lee
Nancy A. Lee
Mary E. Leeder
Patricia M. Leefeldt
Steve L. Legenhausen
Leggette Brashears & Graham Inc.
Rex H. Levang
Larry B. Leventhal
Larry Leventhal & Associates
Alfred A. Levin
Billie M. Levy
Dr. Rhoda G. Lewin
Jerald M. & Susan G. Lewis
Bernard Q. Li
Dr. Ji-Chia Liao
Edward Licht
Gregg R. Lichtscheidl
Jon H. Lienemann
Harriet C. Lievan
Nan P. Lightner
Peter R. Limburg
Kenneth W. Lindberg
Robert O. Linde
Georgia R. Lindeke
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Linder
Joe R. Lineweaver
Arleta M. Little
David J. Lizakowski
Charles S. & Maryanne Lo
John Lockwood
I. Sue Longman
Lawrence J. Loomis
Christopher B. Loring
Elizabeth A. Loudon
Barbara Stoffels Lubin
Alison T. Lund
Joan L. Lund
Dr. David A. Lundberg
Lisa Lunge-Larsen & Steven A. Kuross
Dr. Gerold Luss
Duane F. Lussier
Molly K. Lynch
Andrea Lynn
Norman T. Lynskey
Barbara M. & John C. Lynskey
Janis Lysen & Scott A. Anton
Dorion M. Macek
Linda J. Mack
Raymond N. Mackenzie
Gregory W. Madsen
Jacob R. Madsen
Carol S. Magin
Gregory Maguire
Hared A. Mah
Laverne Hoyt Mahoney
Richard L. Mahoney
Andrew S. Malec
Nancy E. Mambi
David A. Mankowski
Richard Mann & Peggy Anderson
Paul P. Maravelas
Jerry Margolin
Laurence J. & Karin J. Margolis
Prof. Margaret M. Marini
Harry S. Markley
Dr. Steve R. Marquardt
Drs. Erwin & Doris G. Marquit
Marcia K. Marshall
Martayan Lan Inc.
Carole A. & Charles P. Martin
Jennifer L. Martin
Carole M. Martino
Dr. Brian C. Martinson
Kile Martz & Craig L. Anderson
Dr. M. Lavonne Marubbio
Showsaku Mashimo
William E. Mason
Sujata C. Massey
Phyllis M. Mattill
Johnathan A. Mattson
Le Roy T. Mattson
Ronald E. Mattson
Dr. Ihor I. Mayba
Brady R. Mayes
Dr. Martha Mayou
Tom Mc Cabe
Marjorie L. Mc Cloy
Dorothy Martin Mc Corkle
Prof. Richard P. Mc Dermott
Susan J. Mc Intyre
Curtis B. Mc Namara
Prof. Toni A. H. Mc Naron
Marvin R. Mc Neff
Michael L. Mc Phee & Amy Okaya
Dr. Hugh E. Mc Tavish
Elaine & Jonathan McCafferty
Donald W. McCarthy
Drs. Michael J. & Mary O. McCarthy
Benjamin T. McClure
Dr. John W. McConnell
Barbara B. McCorkle
Gerald W. McCormick
Dr. Robert E. McGeachie
Amelia McGinley
Mary & Alvin McGlasson
Nancy N. McIntosh
Jill E. McLean Odegaard
Christine B. McVay
Medtronic Foundation
Jay T. Mega Jr.
Dr. James H. Merrell
Kim J. Merriam
Barbara J. Michaels
Rosemary M. Michaud
Lisa M. Middag
Milk Specialties Inc.
Brian A. Millberg
Angela S. Miller
Roland & Merle P. Minda
Dr. Gerald G. Mindrum
Robert A. Minish
The Minnesota Opera
Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Veterinary 
Medical Association
Michael N. Missaghi
Sarat K. Mohapatra
Ruth Ann Moldenhauer
Luis A. Molina
Frances T. Monaghan
Dr. Corinna R. Moncada
Dr. Cuauhtemoc Mondaca Fernandez
Prof. Dianne L. Monson
Adrian B. Moody
Rachel & Steve E. Moore
Thomas R. Moore
Guadalupe Castillo Morales
Joseph W. Moran
Lucia T. Morison
Anthony J. Morley
Dr. Holly J. Morris
William T. Morris
Gloria A. Moulton
Marjorie A. Mountain
Mary J. Moxness
Gregory A. Moynagh
Allan E. Mueller
William J. Muggli
Brian J. Mulhern & David A. Wood
Dr. Ann E. Mullaney
Carol Mulligan
Suwanee & John E. Murphy
Barbara & Donald Murray
Sona Muzikarova
Marcy M. & Robert Nader
Gregory E. Narr
R. Arvid Nelsen
Roger A. & Ann L. Nelsen
Rev Allan O. & Imogene Nelson
Dr. Anna M. Nelson
Bryan Nelson
Dr. Carol J. Nelson
Dr. Darby M. & Geraldine M. Nelson
Darlys H. Nelson
James C. Nelson
Prof. Joel I. Nelson
Lois Nelson
Mary S. Nelson
Muriel B. Nelson
Patricia J. Nelson*
Dr. Owen & Deborah Nelson
Robert W. Nelson
Karen Nemchik & Tariq Samad
Arthur E. Neuman
Dr. Joan Hillebrand Neumiller
Dr. Margaret A. Newmaster
James S. Newstrom
Michael L. Nichols
Dr. Susan E. Nicol
James P. Niekamp
Carol R. B. Nielson
Diana M. Niskern
Donna Nix
Dr. Earl & Judith Nolting
Gail D. Nordstrom
Ross D. Noren
Meredith L. Norstrom
William North & Victoria Morse
Sarah L. Novotny
Barbara R. Nussbaum
Catherine E. Nylund
Renee A. Oberg
Lori J. Oberto
Joan K. O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien
The Occupants of the Empty House
Isabell M. O’Connor
Dr. Wayne P. Ode
Alice A. O’Donnell
Robert J. O’Donnell
Lucas A. Oeth
Sidney Offit
Colin R. Oglesbay
Gary D. Ohlrogge
Michael J. Oiseth
Dr. William H. Ojala
Bonnie K. Oldre
Marie Olsen Huseby
Robert A. Olsen
Donald W. Olson Jr.
Elyse J. Olson
Dr. Janet L. C. Olson
Marsha G. Olson
Norma Smith Olson & Mark A. Olson
Shirley P. M. Olson
Steven E. Olson
Thor A. Olson III & Vicki S. Olson
Timothy J. Olson
Dr. Alan D. Olstein
A. Phyllis Olthoff
Once Upon A. Crime
James F. O’Neill Jr.
Daphne A. Orlando
Joyce M. Osborne
Dr. Hans G. Othmer
Lawrence A. Overby III
Dr. Judith A. Overmier
John Ozol
Theodore R. Page
Jerry Palms
Drs. Marcia J. & Jon A. Pankake
Nadia Pappas
James L. Park
Sarah Y. Park
Stephen L. & Lois K. Parker
Carol J. & Peter F. Parshall
David L. Pates
V. Russell Patience
Jennie C. Paton
Drs. Sonia E. & Richard L. Patten
Kermit Pattison
Marilynn J. Patzwald
Dr. Saurav Paul
Jane A. Paulsen
Joseph J. Pavek
Arthur J. & Judith A. Payne
Timothy L. Payne
Glenn D. Payton
Kalere A. E. Payton
Marjorie Pearson
Mark W. Pearson
Diane E. Pederson
Margaret C. Peeples
Jane H. & Arthur J. Pejsa
Dr. Bette J. Peltola
Mike L. Peluso
Otto Penzler
Judith E. Perkins
Linda A. Perkins
Irving & Cherie R. Perlmutter
Personnel Decisions 
Research Institutes Inc.
Phyllis Pesola-Krumholz
Judith R. Peters
Karla D. Petersen
Penny A. Petersen
David L. Peterson
Holger I. Peterson
Joseph H. Peterson
June N. & E. Eugene Peterson
Larry J. Peterson & Lois A. Steer
Mary Ann & Garry F. Peterson
Hon. Randolph W. Peterson
Rolf A. Peterson
Timothy E. Peterson
Pexys Inc.
John E. Pforr
The Pharmacia Foundation Inc.
Marilyn J. Phelps
Anne K. Phillips
Michael O. Phillips
Shannon Pierce
Jeffrey S. Pilcher
Pinnacle Engineering Inc.
Linda J. Pinnell
James Pirie & Linda Eells
Dr. Julian G. Plante
Jim T. Platt
The Playwrights’ Center Inc.
Shirley L. Poliquin
David S. & Marsha L. Pollak
Aaron M. Ponce
Al R. Porte*
Diana D. Post
Steven G. Potach
Sandra J. Potter
Dennis Poupard
Cynthia M. Powell
Nancy L. Powell
Todd Powell
Sarah J. Pradt
Dr. Riv-Ellen Prell
Charles Press
Bob Price III
Cleone F. Pritchard
Process Research Analysis & Design Inc.
Carmine C. Profant
Brian W. Pugh
Benish A. Punjwani
Joyce & Donald J. Pusch
John P. Pyle
Michael D. & Millicent K. Quam
Richard Quam
David W. Quist
Frances Rabe
Leslie Greaves Radloff
Dennis A. Rahaman
Henry W. Rahn
Carol A. Raichert
Rahul K. Rajgarhia
Warren Randall
Dr. Rebecca T. Rapport
Dorothy M. Rasmussen
Mark A. Rasmussen
Wendylee Raun
Judith K. Ream
Red Balloon Bookshop
Joan L. Reddy
Chris Redmond
Audray Z. Rees
Rodney E. & Patricia A. Reeve
Marie Regina
Timothy M. Reich
Robert A. Reid
Daniel T. Reilly
Julie L. & James C. Reimer
Joanne B. Reisberg
Ruth A. Reister
Frank L. Rembisz
Maxine H. Reneker
Resource Analytics Inc.
Dr. Michael A. Rethwill
Cathy E. Retzer
Prof. Kathryn L. Reyerson
Pang Foua Y. Rhodes
Hannah R. Rice
Susan M. Rice
Dana Richards
Corlyss J. Richards
Mark Richardson
Selma K. Richardson
Maile L. Richert
Raymond H. Riethmeier
Sally J. Rigler
Christopher T. Riley P.E.
G. Lois S. Ringquist
Jason M. Ripley
Duane J. Rivard
Mary Kathryn Robbins & Catherine F. Croghan
Adam Robbins & Jesse Field
Lois A. & David L. Roberts
George W. Robinson
Karen E. Robinson
Paul A. Robinson
Julie A. & Thomas R. Rochat
Patricia J. Rodkewich
Aimee A. Rogers
P. Leslie & Louise A. Rogers
June M. Rogier
Barbara Z. & Paul O. Rogne
Charlene K. Roise
Marisa A. Rollins
Rebecca D. Rombach
Donald R. Rome
Edward F. Rooney
Sarah J. Rorvick
Rose & Pentagram Design
Dr. Daina B. Rosen
Ruth Rosen
Julia C. & Albert M. Rosenblatt
Nancy Roser
Barbara J. Rostad
Miriam & 
Jerold Rothstein
Ann E. Barclay Rovner & Bruce D. Rovner
Donald G. Rowe
Alexander E. Rozenson
Anne L. Rozga
David O. Rupp
Marilyn I. Rushenberg
Stephen J. Ryan
Prof. John E. Rynders
Judith E. Rys
Dan Sachs
Saint Paul Academy & Summit School
Dr. Franklin B. Saksena
Herbert Sally Jr.
Richard E. Sandeen
Dr. Seymour H. Sargent
Jane I. Satkowski
William J. Satzer
Roberta L. Saunders
Dr. Martine Sauret
Douglas E. Sautbine
Randy R. Sauter
Judith Savage & John Desteian
Dr. Raymond W. Scallen
Rose M. Schaefer
John L. Scherer
Robert A. Scherrer
Marjorie T. Schier
Melanie E. Schilling
David H. & Judith A. Schlief
Dr. Linda M. Schloff
Betty L. Schlothan
John D. Schmidt and 
Robert K. Anderson
Gerald M. Schnabel
Timothy G. Schneeweis
Dr. Joanne C. Schneider
Kael D. Schneider
Nancy G. Scholler
Brent Schondelmeyer
Dana M. Schroeder
Dr. Martin H. Schub & Anne E. Bertram
Kathleen E. Schubert
Mary H. Schullo
John A. Schultz
Stephen R. Schultz
Prof. Julie A. Schumacher
Joseph P. Schur
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Prof. Joseph E. Schwartzberg
Rosemary & Jeffrey T. Schwedes
Science Museum of Minnesota
Carolyn Scott and John Whisler
Seagate Techology
Mark E. Sedio
Gail S. See
William J. Seil
Prof. George R. Sell
Cynthia H. Shabb
Marcia L. Shady
Dr. Linda C. K. Shane & Orrin C. Shane III
Prof. Alan E. & Linda J. Shapiro
Dr. Thomas W. & 
Marlene Shaughnessy
Carrie L. Shaw
Peter J. Shea
Dr. Bernard J. & Nga Nguyen Sheehan
Dr. Colleen J. Sheehy
Mary D. Shepherd
Eugene A. Sherayzen
Sherlock In L. A.
Richard D. Shields
Yumiko Shigaki
John C. Shillock
Diane C. Shimek
Shirley A. Shimota
Prof. W. Phillips & Barbara S. Shively
Yohannes S. Shukarev
Carol Hanson Sibley
Joyce V. Sidman
Marilyn A. Siebert
Markus J. Siegert
Judy A. Siegle
Adam M. Silver
Hon. Patricia Simmons & Lester Wold
Edgar K. Simon Jr.
Laurie R. Simon
Nancy J. & Terrence W. Simon
Patrick M. Simpkins
Gurdhyan Singh
Pragati Singh
Paul G. Singleton III
George D. Siriaco
Rev Theodore D. Sitz
Doris E. Skalstad
Robert T. Skovbroten
Charles W. Skrief
John D. Slack
Michael G. Sladky
Dixie L. Slater
Dr. M. Sarah Smedman
George M. Smerk
Dmitri Smirnov
James E. Smith II
Dr. James P. Smith
Jennifer A. Smith
Joan T. Smith
Julie C. Smith
Louann Smith
Margaret L. Smith
Newton D. Smith Jr.
Dr. Ross A. Smith
Vicki M. Smith
Katherine R. Smola
Polly J. Snider
Patricia A. Snodgrass
Margaret Snow
Dr. Diane G. Snustad
Andrew L. Solberg
Kimberly M. Soler
Warren Solom
Richard G. Solstad
Marillyn B. & Thomas K. Soulen
Barbara Spannaus
Gordon R. Speck
Charles G. Spetland
Dr. Stephen E. Spielberg
John R. Springfield
Dr. Jay Srinivasan
Jane J. St. Anthony
Robert R. Stady
Matthew J. Stafki
Dr. Susan M. Stan
Lanaya L. Stangret
Mark D. Stansbury-O’Donnell
Larry Stark
Rachel E. Stassen-Berger
Prof. Theo G. & Freda Stavrou
Philip L. Stedje
Maureen Steenblock
Norman V. Steere
Betty Kay & George F. Stein
Dr. Ruth M. Stein
Yale Stenzler
Coreen B. Stettner Blau
Ross P. Stevens
Jean M. Stevenson
Mona K. Stevermer
William B. Stewart
John W. Stewig
Dr. Julia E. Stickle
Cynthia B. Stiever
Emily B. Stiever
Steven A. Stilwell
Dorothy K. Stix
Randall Stock
Grace A. Stoebe
Joanne & Paul E. Stohl
Terrence L. Stokke
Melissa L. Stoll
E. Neal Stone
Richard E. Stone
Richard T. Stone
Carol C. Stoppelmann
Kenneth R. Storm Jr.
Jeffrey Strand
Jennifer Stromer-Galley
Jack Stuart
June Kepple Stubbins
Dr. Paul F. Stuehrenberg
Lori C. Sturdevant & Martin J. Vos
Dr. Satish Subramanian
Grace K. Sulerud
Dr. Christopher J. Sullivan
Christopher R. Sullivan
Sunita C. & Shashi M. Suri
Dr. Aimee Sutherland & Frederick B. Swengel
Svoboda Ecological Resources
George M. Swan III
Charles L. Swanson
Deborah Swanson
John H. & Diana R. Swanson
Richard & Nancy Swanson
Drs. Todd A. Swanson & Barbara G. Houts-Swanson
Evelyn J. Swenson
Dr. Gregory T. & Jeanette L. Swenson
Anne Swiggum
Eric H. Swiggum
Philip H. Swiggum
M. Charles Swope
Kathryn H. Syme
Malin C. Symreng
Natalie Synhaivsky
David M. Szewczyk
Roger R. Tamte
Wendy L. Tangen-Foster
Rafael E. Tarrago
John Tartaglia & Carol E. Barnett
Barbara C. Taub
Jamie L. Taylor
Lorraine D. Teel
Merrily E. Taylor
Robert G. Taylor
Vickie H. Taylor
Dr. Megan L. Telste
Heidi Armstrong Temple & Randall B. Temple
Charlotte H. Templin
Scott T. Templin
Tennant Foundation
David C. Tennessen
Donald J. Terras
Gary K. Thaden
F. Javier Thayer
Robert Thayer & Nancy Meade-Thayer
Andrew C. Thews
Marcia L. Thoen
Christina K. Thomas
Stephanie Thomas
Alfred L. & Lois M. Thomason
Benjamin T. Thome
Brian A. Thompson
Dr. Jonathan D. Thompson
Muriel M. Thompson
Patricia A. Thompson & Mark Simonson
Thomson Reuters North American Legal
Faythe Dyrud Thureen
Charles B. Thurston
Assoc Prof. Mariann E. Tiblin
Barbara S. & Kenneth F. Tiede
Xueping Y. Timmons
Kenneth I. Timoner
Elizabeth J. Tisel
Titan Supply Co.
Peter Tobias
Tove M. H. Tobiassen
Dr. Thomas M. Todd
Patricia J. Tollefson
Mary L. Topp
Patricia & Tokiaki Toyama
Christopher Tradowsky
Dr. Moussa Traore
Richard C. Trapp
Nicholas J. Tretter
Mark A. Troemner
Tom Trow
Getachew T. Tsehaye
Dr. George D. Tselos
Schuyler Tsuda
Robert H. Tucker
Donna J. Turbes
David A. Turetsky
Jean P. Turgeon
Jennifer C. Turnham & Matthew B. Mulcahy
Catherine Tweedie
Twin Cities Public Television
Two Pines Resource Group LLC
U. S. Bancorp Foundation
Dr. Robert A. Ulstrom
Unified Science LLC
United eWay
United Way-Blue Cross 
& Blue Shield
Kameswara R. Upadrashta
Jean C. Upton & Roger Johnson
Dr. Carol L. Urness
Shuji Usui
Michele Vaillancourt & Brent Wennberg
Gary Van Den Heuvel
Doan Van Nguyen
Diane S. Van Weele
Mary Ann Vande Vusse
William H. Vande Water
Lois M. VanDyck
John F. VanPilsum
Dr. Elizabeth M. Varriano-Marston
David J. Varricchio
Chuck Vavrus
Victoria K. Veach
Jill C. Vecoli
Dr. Gerald T. Vigue
Ann C. Viitala
Brenda L. Vinall-Mogel
Norman M. Vinnes
Benjamin & Susan E. B. Vizoskie
Mary Lou Voigt
Dr. Vienna K. Volante
Kenneth L. Volker
Dr. Gerald N. Wachs
Dr. Mary M. Wagner
Kim W. Waldof
James A. Walfrid
Walker Art Center
Lynn E. Walker
Ian C. Wall
Jonathan M. Wallace
Maxine H. Wallin
Constance J. Walther
Dr. Ann T. Walton
Prof. Arthur E. Walzer
Yongqing Wang
John A. Ward
Lateesa T. Ward
Lee & Rose Warner Foundation
Katherine P. Warner
Dr. Henrietta H. Warwick
Tohru Watanabe
Anthony G. Watson
Marion E. Watson
Prof. Esther F. & Dr. Lee W. Wattenberg
Debra K. Wdowychyn
Dianne K. Weaver
Elizabeth M. Wegele
Dr. Margaret R. Weglinski
James R. Wehn
Qi Wei & Wei Zhao
Katharine B. Weiblen
Maryann N. Weidt
Dagmar E. Weill
Richard A. & Cynthia Wein
Janice L. Weiner
Dr. Gerhard H. Weiss
Dr. John M. Weiss
Wells Fargo Foundation
Prof. Peter S. Wells
Steven A. & Melinda Wellvang
Dennis H. Werling
Cynthia N. Werner
Dennis E. West
Eloise M. Westby
Jerry Westby
Rolf E. & Nolinda Westgard
Steven R. Westrum
Michael F. Whelan
John T. & Sandra G. White
Cristine D. Whiting
Dr. Jan E. Whitman
Arvella D. Whitmore
James R. Widder
Arthur E. F. Wiese Jr.
Donald E. Wiese
Jerome Will
Dr. Gwen M. Willems
Karen Williams & Steven Llewellyn
Elizabeth & Raymond E. Willis
Morgan G. Willow
Karen E. Wills
Charlotte L. Wilmot
Catherine Wilson
Linda Wilson
Murray D. Wilson
Patricia Wilson
Peter M. Wilson
Dr. Philip K. Wilson
Timothy J. Wilson & Amy E. Andersen
Scott D. Wingrove
Vincent G. Winstead
Winthrop & Weinstine PA
DuWayne M. & Kay M. Witt
Bernard K. Wiwel
David & Linda S. Woessner
Mitch R. Woldt
Eve Wolf
Joy G. Wolf*
Dr. John A. Wolter
Marion Woodfork Simmons 
& Vaughn Simmons
Thomas R. Woodruff
Dr. Joseph H. Woodside
Alice B. Wright
Bruce N. Wright AIA
Prof. George T. Wright
Patricia A. Wright
Michael L. Wroge
Dr. William Wustenberg
Lynn M. Wyman
Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy Foundation
Wenguang Yan
Charles B. Yancey
Donald A. Yates
John A. Yilek
Doris W. Yock
Marilyn & Alan Youel
Elizabeth R. Young
Hoon Yu
Temur S. Yunusov
Dr. Mahmood A. Zaidi
Vladimir Zakharov
Patricia H. Zalaznik
Henry W. Zecher Jr.
Robert A. Zelada
Judith M. Zetterberg
Dr. Guizhen Zhang
Carlos R. Zhingre
Brian C. Zias
Irene E. & Daniel S. Zimmerman
Victoria L. Zobel
John Zygmunt
Cheryl & Stephen Zylla

*denotes deceased

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