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The face of our Friends

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Pete Magee

Pete Magee

In the last few years information and teaching technology at universities has undergone rapid change. Here at the University of Minnesota, we are at the forefront of this change — using technology to reach and support faculty, students, and the public. In this issue of continuum, you’ll read about the University Libraries’ leadership in this new digital domain, which includes user-driven e-book acquisition, cost-saving “digital coursepacks,” eLearning, and Massive Online Open Courses or MOOCs.

As my term as President of the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries comes to a close, I’m proud and excited to see the nimbleness with which University Librarian Wendy Lougee and her talented and hardworking staff continue to work at the leading edge of educational change, helping keep the University of Minnesota as one of the innovators of higher education.

I would also like to highlight the work this year of the Friends of the Libraries, which is also featured in continuum. As always, the Friends played a critical role in connecting the resources of the Libraries to a broader audience within the community. For example, our “Taste of Treasures” events linked the Twin Cities literary community to our archives and special collections. And our recent exhibit, “Behind the Scenes: Twin Cities Performing Arts and 50 Years of the Guthrie Theater,” drew people from local theater, dance, and music.

Last fall, nearly 1,000 people visited campus to hear from David Pogue, the New York Times’ science and technology columnist and host of Nova’s Science Now. Pogue entertained the crowd, which included President Eric Kaler, with his wit and his insight on the effects of technology on society.

We celebrated four birthdays in the fall — the first three being 100th Birthday celebrations: Dr. Irvin Kerlan, the namesake of our popular children’s literature collection, The Kerlan Collection; noted Minnesota author Frederick Manfred, whose materials are included in the Libraries’ Upper Midwest Literary Archives; and Theresa Berman, co-founder of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest. We were also joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Dominick Argento for an afternoon of music to celebrate his 85th birthday.

During winter and spring, the Friends brought you Dr. Marla Spivak, the University of Minnesota professor known around the world for her research on the decline of honeybees. At our annual “Feast of Words” event at the Campus Club, Professor Emeritus Ted Farmer presented “Chinese Whispers: When Words are Dangerous.” And at another event, Professor Emeritus Ed Griffin shared Ann Bradstreet’s letters to her husband, Simon. We hosted “Talk Mystery To Me,” featuring local writers Ellen Hart and R.D. Zimmerman. Poet Ed Bok Lee read from his award-winning books. And we topped it off with the 2012 National Book Award winner, acclaimed author Louise Erdrich, at the Friends of the Libraries Annual Dinner in May.

We hope that you will join us this year at one or more of our events. You might want to save the date of September 12. On that day, we will be entertained on campus by Will Shortz, the National Public Radio puzzlemaster and the New York Times crossword editor. Watch for details on this and other upcoming events. And, if you are not already, please consider becoming a member of the Friends of the Libraries.

Pete Magee
Past President, Friends of the Libraries

Editor’s Note: The current Friends of the Libraries president is Judy Hornbacher.

Thank you to our Friends and Supporters

This list recognizes all contributions to the University of Minnesota Libraries from January 1 through
December 31, 2012. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may occur. If we have omitted your name or listed your name incorrectly, please contact Lanaya Stangret at 612-624-9339 or

In-Kind Donations
Gale Sypher Jacob
Jacqueline B. Lindman
Ralph E. Rapson Trust.
G. Wylie Sypher

$100,000 or more
Andersen Book Trust

$50,000 to $99,999
Muriel M. Orcutt Estate*

$25,000 to $49,999
Dr. Michael D. Lougee & Wendy Pradt Lougee

$10,000 to $24,999
John and Nancy Lambros
Ella L. Lauritsen Estate*
Nicholas and Gail Puzak
Hugh G. Rouse & Leonard R. Olds
YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

$5,000 to $9,999
Dr. Cornelia W. Ooms Beck
Elmer & Eleanor
Andersen Foundation
John E. Murphy
Owen H. & Sarah D. Wangensteen Trust Fund
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

$1,000 to $4,999
American Latvian Assn. in the U. S. Inc.
Associates of the James Ford Bell Library
Profs. Beverly Balos & Mary L. Fellows
J. Stephen Benson & Dr. Margaret J. Hornbacher
Eleanor Butler Cameron Estate*
Drs. Edward J. & Arlene E. Carney
Martha N. Douglas
Dr. Fred R. & Patricia A. Erisman
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Inc.
Finnish Amer Soc Club-Greater Worcester Foundation
Bernard W. and Norma B. Gaffron
Hess Roise & Co. Inc.
J. L. Ltd
J. F. Bell Trust for the
University of MN
Layne M. Johnson
Lois E. & Richard J. Kelly
Jack B. & Geraldine B. King
Solveig M. Kramer
Prof. Paul T. & Beatrice B. Magee
Dr. C. Peter Magrath
John J. and Mary Anne T. Mauriel
Virginia S. & Robert J. McCollister
Reese Co.
Kathryn A. Schuster
Alexis A. Schuster
Zon R. Shumway
Robert S. Sonier
Dr. Stephanie C.
Van D’Elden

$500 to $999
Robert Anholt & Ann Waltner
Natalie J. Bachelder
Donna L. Barbour-Talley
Dr. Marjorie Wall Bingham
Andrew M. & Miriam A. Canepa
George F. & Lynne Detrick
Stephen L. Dill
Judith L. & Edward L. Farmer
Connie J. Foote
Dr. Clifford C. Fortin
Dr. Brian R. Gabrial
Bert Gross & Susan Hill Gross
Dr. Susan A. Hagstrum
Joan D. Humes
Innovations in
Medicine LLC
Drs. Sally E. & Charles R. Jorgensen
Matt J. Katka
Dr. Richard J. & Patricia L. Kirschner
Nancy Kosciolek
Katherine Lehmann
Jenelle & Greil Marcus
Katherine L. McGill
Medtronic Foundation
Linda C. Odegard & Harlan M. Cavert
Daniel A. & Patricia C. Panshin
Felix M. & Ann S. Phillips
Dr. Donald K. Pollock
Prof. Craig E. & Janet F. Swan
Terry L. & Virginia M. Tranter
Jill C. Vecoli
Dr. Peter R. & Eunice Weisensel
Dr. Barbara F. Weissberger
Dr. Stephen Willging & Katherine Wells

$499 and below
The 106 Group Ltd
3M Foundation Inc.
Habon D. Abdulle
Jessica Abson
Faith Adams
Jeffrey L. Adams
Vida & Gordon P. Adelman
Vishal S. Agarwal
Dr. George E. Ahlgren
Hassan Noor Ahmed
Karen J. Akkerman
Mohammed E. Alam Alanat
Dr. Arnold R. Alanen
Stephen R. & Annette Alderson
Ilga E. Alexander
Nancy E. Allison
Brent Allison & Sarah Lipsett-Allison
Mariann B. Alsum
Marino C. Alvarez
American Medical Systems Inc.
Carol R. & V. Elving Anderson
Gordon B. Anderson
Janet I. Anderson
Karolyn S. Anderson
Dr. Louise H. Anderson
Marion L. Anderson
Ralph J. Anderson
Steven G. Anderson
Thomas D. Anderson
Ryoichi Ando
Angeline G. Angelus
Jacqueline A. Angus
Ronald L. Antos
Allan L. Apter
Anthony Armstrong
Doris H. Arnold
Kenneth R. Asp
John H. Augustine
Arvind Auluck-Wilson
Joan E. Autrey
Barbara S. Bach
Drs. George W. & Nancy R. Bain
Kate Baird
Donald A. & Beverly A. Bajus
Jeffrey S. Baker
Drs. Todd & Karen Ballen
Nicholas K. Barbatsis
Dr. Laird H. Barber
Dr. Nancy V. Barcelo
Mary C. Barclay
Kirstine R. & Gerald P. Barnaby
Carol E. Barnett
Harold P. Barron
David J. Bartlett
Bassford Remele P. A.
Alexander J. Bates
Paul E. Bauhahn
Gordon & Barbara L. Bauman
Allan Baumgarten & Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten
Sheree L. Beam
Larry Beaty
Jean M. & Lewis Beccone
Martha Davis Beck
Dr. Bernard R. Becker
Dale F. Becker
Matthew J. Beehr
Eileen E. Beha
Mary E. Bell
Mary Ann Benditt
John D. Bengtson
Kathryn H. Bennett
Stanton O. Berg
Brian H. Berge
Phillip & Karen Bergem
Mark J. Bergen
John E. Bergquist
Betty and Hyman Berman
Frances A. Bernhardt
Best & Flanagan LLP
Abbie B. Betinis
Raymond L. Betzner
Robert C. Beverage
Dr. Mary Elizabeth
Marcia K. Bignall
Karen M. Bihrle
Birchwood Laboratories Inc.
Dr. Stephen I. Bistner
Kristine M. Black
Thomas J. Blackmar
Joseph C. Blade
Donald F. Blasl
Peter E. Blau
Steve & Dale Block
Thelma B. Boeder
Dorothy C. Bohn
Jonathan N. Bohnsack
Alan J. Bonham
Margaret A. Borg
Prof. Norman E. Bowie
David Braddock
Michael Brahmey
Frank R. Braun
Dr. David W. & Evelyn P. Breeden
Allison D. Brenneise
Jeannine Breton
Briggs and Morgan PA
Michael B. Brock
Dr. Vicky L. Brockman
Marcia J. Brown
Dr. Melanie A. Brown
Ryan M. Brown
Judith K. Brown-Wescott
Myrna W. Brudvig
Karen L. Brudvig
Lucy M. & Robert Brusic
Karl M. & Grace Y. Bunday
Dr. Ann Wagner Bundgaard
Sharon J. Bunnell
Ann L. Burckhardt
Roger F. Burg
Deborah E. Burke
Timothy A. Burleson
Joseph W. Burns
William J. Burns
Kathryn F. Burrell
Dr. Michael L. Burwell
Elizabeth Buschor
Margarete C. Busse
James T. Cahoy
Robert F. Cairo Jr.
Michael D. Callaghan
Prof. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
Susan R. Capell
Travis J. Capistrant
Michael Carey & Margaret Brown-Carey
Donna M. Carlson
Karen J. Carlson
Charlotte Carpenter
Louise Carpentier
Thomas E. Casey
Carol Cavalluzzi
Eric Celeste & Mary Hess
Dr. Marilyn J. Chiat
Chu-Yuan W. & Dr. Chia-Pin Chiu
Sharon L. Chmielarz
Karen M. Chobot
Yeun J. Chou
Paul R. Christensen
Shirley J. Christenson
Dennis L. Christiansen
Ellory J. Christianson
J. R. Christianson
Angela M. Christy
Peter F. Ciborowski
George P. Clark
Saul Cohen
Dr. Peter Colwell
Bonnie L. Connolly
Ann Marie Connor
Alice Clark Cooney
Elaine M. & Joseph A. Coppola
John F. Coppola
Dixie L. & Richard D. Cornell
Daniel L. Cosentino
Louis C. Cosentino
Jon A. Cotner
J. Randolph Cox
Anastasia Craig
Willard D. Crakes
Jon R. Cranney
Kimberly J. Crisler
Jacquelyn M. Cronin
Dr. Edwin L. Crosby
William L. Crozier
Margaret L. Cruikshank
Philip J. Cunningham
Lu Ellen F. Curran
Dr. Caroline M. Czarnecki
Lawrence J. Czarnecki
Randy P. Dahl
Dr. Brenda Daly
Julian T. D’Andrea
Joanne M. & Treffle R. Daniels
Daughters of Penelope Antigone-Chapter 35
Daughers of Penelope PDG Club
Daughters of Penelope Thoosa Chapter 72
Thomas L. Davis
Dorothy A. Dayton
Ellen M. De Lalla
Dr. J. Roger De Lange Jr.
Dr. Gary B. Deason
Americo J. Del Calzo
Jim DeLeo
Dr. Mary J. Denton
Tom S. Deretich
Marcel A. Derosier
Bruce Derscheid
William J. & Barbara I. Dewey
Christopher Di Carlo
Susan Z. Diamond & Allan T. Devitt
Richard L. Dieterle
Michael D. Dirda
David B. Dobson
Matthew A. Donarski
Bruce R. Doran
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
John D. Douthit
Dr. Daniel R. Doyle
Georgina M. J. Doyle
Dr. Megan H. Morrissey & Mary B. Doyle
Pj Doyle
Rita B. Drone
Thomas L. Drucker
Barbara L. Du Fresne
James N. Duprey
William K. Dustin
Nomi & Martin Dworkin
Joan M. Dwyer
Carol C. & Robert E. Dye
Lou Ann and Dr. Robert Dykstra
Christine A. Dyrud
E. L. F. Research Services LLC
Trudy M. Ebert
Michael V. Eckman
Joseph J. Eckrich
Jennifer A. Eggers
Emerson Electric Co.
George E. Emrick
Clement C. Engen
Leonard E. Englund
Carol J. Erdahl
John G. & Elizabeth B. Erickson
Dr. Judith B. Erickson
Leonard P. Erickson
John A. Ernste
Hanna I. Erpestad
Jane E. Eschweiler
Dr. Patricia R. & Richard M. Evans
Karen Fadden
Kathleen G. Fahey
Kimberly K. Faurot
Dr. Sonia N. Feder-Lewis
Susan & Dennis Feigenbaum
Jessica L. Fiala
Heidi & David Fielding
Billy W. Fields
Dr. Harlan R. Finney
Fish & Richardson P. C.
Lynn H. Fisher
Dean Thomas Fisher & Claudia Wielgorecki
Katherine D. Fleming
Sharon M. Folk
Virginia P. Follstad
Aila V. & Rodger N. Foltz
Rose Ann Foreman
Renee R. Foster
Dr. Robert M. Frame III
James E. Frazier
Gwendolyn Freed
Dr. Carol J. Freeman
Barbara E. Freese
Sally L. French
Friends School of Minnesota
Dr. Alan B. Frol
Carrol L. Fry
Brennan C. Furness
Andrew G. Fusco
Paul Gabriel
Lewis R. Gade
Francis J. Gagliardi
Thomas S. Galbo
Prof. Lee Galda Pellegrini
Duane L. C. M. Galles
Susan D. Gangl
John T. & Nancy H. Garland
Brett O. Garrett
Pamela L. Gates
Thomas A. Gekler
Ash M. Genaidy
General Mills Foundation
Christopher P. Georgacas
Patrick C. & Heidi George
Michael E. & Sarah K. Giga
Ausma A. Giga
Amy L. Gilbert
Dr. Daniel R. Gilbert Jr.
Meg & Wayne Gisslen
Geralyn A. Glasser
Lisa J. Go
Barbara L. Golden
Terence M. Golden
Clifford Goldfarb
Jennifer L. Goloboy
Christian Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez
Dr. Michael I. & Bambi Z. Good
William D. Goodrich
Dr. Christine & Bob Gordon
Maria S. & Thomas J. Gottwalt
Marilyn & Paul Gould
Todd F. Grant
John & Lucille Gravelle
Leon & Marcia Greenfield
Patricia M. Greenlees
Ronald P. Grenier
Linda Greve
Dr. David F. Grigal
Marissa K. Gritter
Rosanne E. Gronseth
Michael J. Gross
Jennifer L. Gunn
Dr. Laura J. Gurak
Harriet R. Guthertz
Robert S. Guthrie
H. B. Fuller Co.
Clair R. Haberman
Dr. Jan J. Hacker
Mary M. Hackman
David E. & L. Carolyn Hagford
Kathleen M. Hall
Ralph E. Hall
Stephen P. Hallick Jr. & Ann M. Hallick
Lynn M. & Timothy B. Hamer
Darlene E. Hamilton
James C. Hamm
Hammel Green & Abrahamson Inc.
Paul J. Hammond
Prof. C. Michael Hancher Jr.
Dr. Patrick E. Hanna
Brenda G. & Mark H. Hansen
Lee E. Hansen
Barbara J. & Kent B. Hanson
Dr. Donald F. Hanson
Douglas W. Hanson
Brian R. Hanzal
Michael Hardy & Barbara Short
Arlene Harris
Jeffory Hart
Prof. John Fraser Hart
Randy J. Hartten
John P. & Nancy K. Harvat
Robert W. Hasebroock
Philia G. Hayes
James R. Hayne & Eric J. Larson
Health Partners
Research Foundation
Kathleen B. Hedges
Ronald W. Heil Jr.
Dr. Barbara P. Heinemann
Dr. Judith C. Helgen
Donald Helgeson & Sue Shepard
Michael J. Hensley
Dr. Se Jin Heo
Paul D. Herbert
Jan E. Hermanson
Marcia K. Herring
Stella J. Herzig
Evelyn Herzog & John Baesch
Robert C. Hess
Robert A. Hiller
Barbara J. Hillman
James M. Hirsch
Eugene D. Hogenson
Warren H. & Marilyn P. Hollinshead
Thaddeus Holt
Dr. Neal R. Holtan
Keiko Hori
Donald P. Horkheimer
Justine L. Hornick
Dr. Margaret E. Horsnell
Dr. Lawrence M. Hossfeld
Douglas B. Hoverson
Hon William R. & Julie G. Howard
Prof. John R. Howe Jr. & Judith J. Howe
Prof. Dennis R. & Audrey K. Hower
Dr. Karen Nelson Hoyle
Cynthia P. Huff
Kelly S. Hulander
Robert W. Hull
Burt C. Humburg
Christopher J. Hunder
Diane G. Hutchinson
Renee L. Hutter
Prof. Emeritus Warren E. & Mary E. Ibele
IBM International Foundation
Intel Foundation
Jeffrey D. Isaacson
Amit V. Itagi
Itasca Consulting Group Inc.
Kristi Iverson
Russell D. Iverson
Sarah E. Iverson
Bernard & Rosamond Jacob
Dr. Gretchen Jaeger
Kathleen M. Jaglo-Joseph
Alessandro M. Jaker
John G. Jarvis
Dr. Shawn C. Jarvis
Ahmed Javed
Rudolf J. & Helen H. Jensen
Kim W. Jeppesen & Jeffrey Strand
Dr. Rosie Webb Joels
C. Wallace Johnson
Carol A. Johnson
Dr. Donald C. Johnson
Doug Johnson
Douglas A. Johnson
Herbert F. Johnson
JoAnn K. Johnson
Kathleen S. Johnson
Margel R. Johnson
Rosemary Erickson Johnsen
Shelley Johnson
Gerald B. Johnston
Miss. Ellen M. Jones
Dr. Heidi L. Joos
Marcel R. Jouseau
Just Wright
Leslie J. Kallas
Christa C. Kamenetsky
Jeanette G. Kamman
Mary Ann Kan
Katerina D. Kaniamos
Dr. Maythee J. Kantar
Marita G. Karlisch
Arlene Kase
John S. Katics
Dr. Robert S. Katz
John F. & Joyce M. Kaufman
Ebrahim F. Kazemzadeh
Dr. Michael H. Kean
Sheryl A. Keefe
Dr. Steven J. Keillor
Daniel T. Kelley
Janet M. Kellogg
Julia A. Kelly & Renee Van Gorp
Carol Jo & Donald G. Kelsey
Calvin B. Kendall
Caroline R. Kent
Dr. Patricia Kent
Hannah Kerlan
Dr. Jeffrey & Denise Kerlan
Martin Kerlan
Barbara J. Kesser
Jack D. Key
Dr. Richard L. & Kristi L. Kiesling
Patricia M. Kight
Drs. Mary B. & John M. Killen
David P. Kilpatrick
Margaret L. Kirkpatrick
Dr. Deane A. & Diane M. Kishel
Dr. Peter J. Kizilos-Clift
David J. & Ruth E. Klaassen
Jeffrey Klaus
Peter Klaus
Dr. James A. & Annearle M. Klein
Lori J. Klein
George E. Kline
Leslie S. Klinger
Paul A. Kluge
Prof. Lawrence M. Knopp Jr.
Mary Ann Knox
Carolyn R. & Clayton J. Knutson
Jack K. & Tania G. Koegel
John B. Koelle
Brett E. Koenig
Karen Koepp
Prof. Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
Sandy Kozinn
Eleanor L. Krahn
Wayne L. Krefting
Evald Kruut
Prof. Nicolai V. Krylov
Brian J. Krysinski
Andrew Kuchling
Richard A. & Patricia Jo Kulisheck
Saravana Kumar
Steven L. Kummer
Myron B. & Alexandra W. Kuropas
Christoph A. Landolt
Julie A. Lang
Dr. Dale L. Lange
Elizabeth A. Lange
Kris H. Larsen
Dr. Brian T. Larson
Mark A. Larson & Kristin A. Kusanovich
Mary Alice & Todd A. Larson
Maxine A. Larson
Susan Larson & Tom Lewis
Joyce E. Larson-Schampel
Donald F. Larsson & Natalie M. Rosinsky
Prof. Alan K. & Peggy E. Lathrop
John F. Lauber
Eugene P. Lavrenchuk
Dana & Gary Lawrence
Barry E. Lawson
Marlyce I. & Don E. Lee
Mary E. Leeder
Steve L. Legenhausen
Keith R. Legg
James P. Lenfestey
Leonard Street and Deinard PA
Mary C. Leone
Rex H. Levang
Dr. Rhoda G. Lewin*
Susan G. Lewis
Bernard Q. Li
Edward Licht
Gregg R. Lichtscheidl
Jon H. Lienemann
Nan P. Lightner
Kenneth W. Lindberg
Robert O. Linde
Lindquist & Vennum PLLP
Hilia J. Lindroos
Steve Liu
Charles S. & Maryanne Lo
Idelle Longman
Elizabeth LoNigro
Lawrence J. Loomis
Christopher B. Loring
Elizabeth A. Loudon
Dr. Jason Lue & David J. Eder
Karen A. Luoma-Varichak
Dr. Gerold Luss
Barbara M. & John C. Lynskey
Norman T. Lynskey
David B. Lyons
Gregory W. Madsen
Brent M. Magid
Carol S. Magin
Ramona Mahboob
Maija V. Maki-Laurila
Tahir Malik
Karen M. Mandelbaum
Russell A. Mann
B. Katherine Maple & William G. Driver
Jerry Margolin
Laurence J. & Karin J. Margolis
Harry S. Markley
Drs. Erwin & Doris G. Marquit
Marcia K. Marshall
Carole A. & Charles P. Martin
Dr. Brian C. Martinson
Nicole M. Marty
Dr. M. Lavonne Marubbio
Showsaku Mashimo
William E. Mason
Le Roy T. Mattson
Randy Maurer
John H. Maves
Dr. Ihor I. Mayba
Donald P. Mayer
Dr. Martha Mayou
Thomas Mc Cabe
Mc Farland & Co. Inc.
Dr. Robert G. Mc Kinnell
Michael E. & Julie Mc Kuras
Prof. Toni A. H. Mc Naron
Michael L. Mc Phee & Amy Okaya
Dr. Hugh E. Mc Tavish
Gerald W. McCormick
Mary McDiarmid
Dr. F. Howard McDowell Jr.
Michael C. McGehee
James C. McLaughlin
Jill E. McLean Odegaard
Meredith A. McNab
Michael J. McNaughton
McTavish Patent Firm
Medical Marketing Communications
Christina Melloh & Michael T’Kach
Julia V. Melnik
Dr. James H. Merrell
Russell L. Merritt
Joyce A. Meyer
Elizabeth A. Meylor
Barbara J. Michaels
Bill Michailidis
Ronny S. Millen
Angela S. Miller
Prof. Frank C. Miller
Matthew E. Miller
Phyllis Miller
Clark W. Millikan
Roland & Merle P. Minda
Dr. Gerald G. Mindrum
Robert A. Minish
The Minnesota Opera
Michael N. Missaghi
Smarajit Mitra
Frances T. Monaghan
Verna Monson
Kali B. Montecalvo
Dr. Wanda L. Montgomery
Thomas F. Mooney
Rachel & Steve E. Moore
Thomas R. Moore
Christina M. Morgan & William Rainey
Osyp & Maria Moroz
Dr. Holly J. Morris
Jane S. Mott
Mary J. Moxness
Gregory A. Moynagh
Brian J. Mulhern
Dr. Ann E. Mullaney
Donna J. Munro
Tichafa K. Murimirwa*
Dr. Mutombo Muvundamina
Dr. Nicholas D. Nash
Rev. Allan O. & Imogene Nelson
James C. Nelson
Prof. Joel I. Nelson
Muriel B. Nelson
Dr. Owen & Deborah Nelson
Karen Nemchik & Tariq Samad
Janet A. Newberg
Michael L. Nichols
Carol R. B. Nielson
Diana M. Niskern
Ellis S. Nolley III
Dr. Earl Nolting
William North & Victoria Morse
Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota Inc.
Lori J. Oberto
Michael G. O’Connor
Thomas C. Odde
Dr. Wayne P. Ode
Robert J. O’Donnell
JoAnn O’Gara
Dr. William H. Ojala
Oghenetoja H. Okoh
Robert A. Olsen
Marsha G. Olson
Patricia A. Olson
Shirley P. M. Olson
Steven E. Olson
Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP
Order of Ahepa Grainfield District #14
Order of Ahepa Pericles Chapter #270
Order of Ahepa Sunshine State Chapter 190
Joshua E. Ostergaard
Dr. Judith A. Overmier
Ted R. Page
Gunta V. & Arijs Pakalns
Kris E. Palmer
Zoe Ann Palmer
Jerry Palms
Bongsoo Park
James L. Park
Sarah Y. Park
Dr. David L. & Mary M. D. Parker
Stephen L. Parker
Carol J. & Peter F. Parshall
V. Russell Patience
Jennie C. Paton
Kermit Pattison
Charles Patz
Marilynn J. Patzwald
Jane A. Paulsen
Carla L. Paulson
Judith A. Payne
Glenn D. Payton
Michael L. Peluso
Judith R. Peters
Mary Beth Petersen
Daniel E. Peterson
David L. Peterson
Mary Ann & Garry F. Peterson
Sylvia E. Peterson
Timothy E. Peterson
The Pharmacia
Foundation Inc.
Michael O. Phillips
Beaudelaine D. Pierre
Jeffrey S. Pilcher
Pinnacle Engineering Inc.
Dr. Julian G. Plante
The Playwrights’ Center Inc.
Andrew M. Pliml
Dr. Georgiana R. Podulke
Shirley L. Poliquin
Douglass J. & Anne S. Post
Charles E. Poster
Sandra J. Potter
Dennis Poupard
Nancy L. Powell
Todd Powell
PRAD Technologies Inc.
Sarah J. Pradt
Ruta V. Praulins
Dr. Mary C. Preus
Jan R. Price
Cleone F. Pritchard
Cleo A. Pruitt
Kay M. Qualley
Quatrefoil Library
David W. Quist
Leslie Greaves Radloff
Dennis A. Rahaman
Rahul K. Rajgarhia
Warren Randall
Dr. Rebecca T. Rapport
Dorothy M. Rasmussen
Joan L. Reddy
Chris Redmond
Timothy M. Reich
Pamela M. Reierson
Daniel T. Reilly
Julie L. & James C. Reimer
Xi Ren
Research & Assessment Solutions Ltd
Dr. Michael A. & Patricia Rethwill
Scott A. Reynolds
Raymond H. Riethmeier
Sally J. Rigler
Christopher T. Riley
Duane J. Rivard
Mary Kathryn Robbins & Catherine F. Croghan
Sara S. Roberson
Randy C. Roberts
Francis B. Robertson
Karen E. Robinson
Paul A. Robinson
Thomas R. & Julie A. Rochat
Anthony C. Rodriguez
Wendy L. Roehlke
Tiffany K. Roemer
P. Leslie & Louise A. Rogers
Barbara Z. & Paul O. Rogne
Jennifer & Chris Romans
Lori L. Roth-Yousey
Abigail J. Rovner
Ann E. Barclay Rovner & Bruce D. Rovner
Alexander E. Rozenson
Anne L. Rozga
Dr. Mitchell E. Rubinstein
Gregory Ruhland
David O. Rupp
Marilyn I. Rushenberg
Bette Ruskanen
Stephen J. Ryan
Zujaja Sadiq
Dr. Franklin B. Saksena
Ann G. Salovich Estate*
John Sandbo & Jean Thomson
Jane I. Satkowski
Mallur N. Satyanarayan
William J. Satzer
Roberta E. Saunders
Dr. Raymond W. Scallen
Richard A. Scarlett
Rose M. Schaefer
Glenn M. Schatell
Robert A. Scherrer
David H. & Judith A. Schlief
Betty L. Schlothan
John D. Schmidt & Robert K. Anderson
Gerald M. Schnabel
Jared S. Schneekloth
Dr. Joanne C. Schneider
Robert J. Schneider
Kathleen E. Schubert
Mary H. Schullo
Stephen R. Schultz
Ian Schwab
Nadeem W. Schwen
Science Museum
of Minnesota
Seagate Techology
Gail S. See
William J. Seil
Prof. Philip H. Sellew
Elspeth Selway
Robert A. Seng
Dr. Linda C. K. Shane & Orrin C. Shane III
Prof. Alan E. & Linda J. Shapiro
Terry L. Sharratt
Carrie L. Shaw
Ayman R. Shawwa
Dr. Iakov M. Shchukin
Dr. Bernard J. & Nga N. Sheehan
Pranam Shetty & Shilpa Pranam Shetty
Dr. Patrick E. & Susan L. F. Shields
Richard D. Shields
Barbara L. Shiels
Yumiko Shigaki
John C. Shillock
Diane C. Shimek
Shirley A. Shimota
Prof. W. Phillips and
Barbara S. Shively
Roman Shramenko
Janice L. Sickbert
Jonathan M. Siess
Joan and Mary Silaco
Honorable Patricia Simmons
& Lester Wold
Edgar K. Simon Jr.
Laurie R. Simon
Nancy J. & Terrence W. Simon
George D. Siriaco
Anthony D. Sisson
Dr. Jonathan B. Sisson
Rev. Theodore D. Sitz
Amy L. Sitze
Doris E. Skalstad
Suzanne S. Skorich
Charles W. Skrief
Wallace R. & Marilyn S. Small
George M. Smerk
Dmitri V. Smirnov
Julie C. Smith
Debra Mitts Smith & Marschall I. Smith
Eileen N. Smith
Dr. Erik A. Smith
Prof. Harlan M. Smith
Joan T. Smith
Scott R. Smith
Vicki M. Smith
Norma J. Smith Olson & Mark A. Olson
Douglas J. Snyder
Andrew L. Solberg
Craig A. Solid
Richard G. Solstad
Joan M. Soranno & John T. Cook
Dr. Scott P. Sorenson
Marillyn B. & Thomas K. Soulen
Robert Southworth
Barbara R. Spannaus
Dr. Jennine L. Speier
Patrick R. Sperry
Dr. Stephen E. Spielberg
Ryan C. Sportel
Dr. Jay Srinivasan
Jane J. St. Anthony
Matthew J. Stafki
Dr. Susan M. Stan
Mark Stanfield & Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson
Lanaya L. Stangret
Mark D. Stansbury-O’Donnell
Norman V. Steere
Thomas D. Steman & Suzanne Selvala Steman
Dr. Linnea A. Stenson
Sandra K. Sterle
Cynthia B. Stiever
Steven A. Stilwell
Grace A. Stoebe
Joanne & Paul E. Stohl
Terrence L. Stokke
James A. Stolpestad
Andrew B. Stone
Richard E. Stone
Richard T. Stone
Kenneth R. Storm Jr.
Jack Stuart
Dr. Paul F. Stuehrenberg
Lori C. Sturdevant & Martin J. Vos
Dr. Christopher Sullivan & Lydia L. Parker
Prof. Constance A. Sullivan
Summit Envirosolutions Inc.
Wesley E. Sund
Dr. Jack T. Surek
Shashi M. Suri
Dr. Aimee Sutherland & Frederick B. Swengel
Dr. Richard J. Sveum
Julieann M. Swanson
Charles L. Swanson
Deborah E. Swanson
John H. & Diana R. Swanson
Susan Marie Swanson
Natalie Synhaivsky
Roger R. Tamte
Rafael E. Tarrago
Jennifer R. Tatsuda
Merrily E. Taylor
Jamie L. Taylor
TCF Foundation
Heidi Armstrong Temple & Randall B. Temple
Charlotte H. Templin
Scott T. Templin
Tennant Foundation
David C. Tennessen
Donald J. Terras
Gary K. & Andrea M. Thaden
Francisco J. Thayer
Robert Thayer & Nancy Meade-Thayer
Derrick Thomas
Stephanie Thomas
Thomson North American Legal
Charles B. Thurston
Assoc. Prof. Mariann E. Tiblin
Mark S. B. and Jan Tiggas
Karen A. Titrud
Kathleen R. Toay
Gregory S. Tobias
Peter Tobias
Dr. Thomas M. Todd
Patricia J. Tollefson
Nicole A. Tommerdahl
Rachel Tooker
Patricia & Tokiaki Toyama
Mark A. Troemner
Thomas L. Trow
Dr. Steve Y. Tsai
Getachew T. Tsehaye
Robert H. Tucker
Donna J. Turbes
David A. Turetsky
Gedney & Emily Anne Tuttle
Catherine Tweedie
Two Pines Resource Group LLC
United Technologies Corp.
Dr. Carol L. Urness
Doan Van Nguyen
Mary Ann Vande Vusse
William H. Vande Water
Lois M. VanDyck
David J. & Jing Li Varricchio
Brian R. Vats-Fournier
Norman M. Vinnes
Benjamin & Susan E. B. Vizoskie
Lisa H. Vogl
Dr. Gerald N. Wachs
Christina K. D. Wagner
Heidi T. Wagner
Kim W. Waldof
James A. Walfrid
Maxine H. Wallin
Dr. Ann T. Walton
Gabriel M. Wambangu
Yanan Wang
Jacquelyn S. Ward
K. Marianne Wargelin
Cecilia A. Warner & Colin R. Campbell
Katherine P. Warner
Dr. Anne B. Warwick
Marion E. Watson
Prof. Esther F. & Dr. Lee W. Wattenberg
Debra K. Wdowychyn
Dianne K. Weaver
Dr. Richard P. & Lynne N. Weber
Dr. Margaret R. Weglinski
Dagmar E. Weill
Janice L. Weiner
Dr. Gerhard H. Weiss
Prof. Peter S. Wells
Wells Fargo Foundation
Joe A. Wenker
Dennis H. Werling
Cynthia N. Werner
Sharon M. Werner
Werner Design Werks Inc.
Dennis E. West
Frederick S. West
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Westby
Rolf E. Westgard
John T. & Sandra G. White
Sarah Whiting
Dr. Jan E. Whitman
Wheelock Whitney
Arthur E. F. Wiese Jr.
Donald E. Wiese
Dwight M. Wikstrom
Kathe Wilcoxon
Dr. Gwen M. Willems
Natalie C. Williams
Sheldon M. Williams
Elizabeth & Raymond E. Willis
Adelia K. Wilson
Cynthia W. Wilson
Linda Wilson
Michael A. Wilson
Patricia Wilson
Dr. Philip K. Wilson
Mary V. Winstead
Dr. Willie Winston III
Winthrop & Weinstine PA
DuWayne M. & Kay M. Witt
David & Linda S. Woessner
Mitch R. Woldt
Dr. John A. Wolter
The Woman’s Club
of Minneapolis
Justin Neun-Chung Woo
Thomas R. Woodruff
Dr. Joseph H. Woodside
Alice B. & Stephen R. Wright
Bruce N. Wright
Prof. George T. Wright
Patricia A. Wright
Michael L. Wroge
Charles B. Yancey
Donald A. Yates
Drs. Wilson Yates & Gayle Graham Yates
Dr. Lily Hwa Yen
John A. Yilek
Doris W. Yock
Elizabeth R. Young
Dr. Lindsay R. Young
Hoon Yu
Masha Zavialova
Judith M. Zetterberg
Irene E. Zimmerman
John Zygmunt

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