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The Face of Our Friends

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Raising the visibility of the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries

Judy Hornbacher

Judy Hornbacher

WWhen I first joined the board of the Friends of the University Libraries, I was surprised to find how few people outside the board knew that we even existed. That realization has driven me to make every possible effort to raise the visibility of this treasured organization.

The Friends of the University Libraries (FOL) is a diverse group of University faculty, staff, and community leaders who have an abiding love of books, of libraries, and a passion to learn.

Our job as Friends is to learn, to share, to bring people into the University Libraries, and to help the University Libraries raise funds for special projects that build, conserve, restore, and make collections available to ever-wider audiences. In this brief column, I would like to share some of the benefits of being a Friend, our goals, and the ways in which we have tried to meet those goals in the last year.

Constant Learning Each of us on the Board learns something new every time we come to the Libraries for a meeting or an event. We learn about the collections, their holdings, and their reach. This year, we held one of our Board meetings at the Owen H. Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine, which gave us an opportunity to see “Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes of Health and Illness.” The exhibit – co-curated by Libraries staff member Lois Hendrickson and Emily Hagens, a Ph.D. student in the History of Medicine – was used by medical students, but also reached across disciplines to create more integrated ways of thinking and learning.

Growing MembershipA primary goal for FOL is to grow our membership. How better to raise awareness and share the riches of the Libraries than by creating more ambassadors for the Libraries through increasing Friends membership? There truly is something for everyone within the vast and varied collections of the Libraries. One example is the Charles Babbage Institute – home to archives and rare publications that document the history of information technology. Others include the Upper Midwest Jewish Archives and the Children’s Literature Research Collections. Each of these collections is part of the University of Minnesota Libraries. All are open to the public. As Friends of the Libraries, one way we can support the Libraries is to help get the word out about these great collections.

This year, with the leadership of Libraries staff, we have increased our efforts to bring in new members through intensified calling and letter writing, by bringing guests to events, by improving the publicity for FOL events, and in contacting former members of FOL to invite them back. In April we hosted a reunion of alumni from the former University of Minnesota Library School.

Our membership numbers have already grown substantially over the last year and will continue to grow.

Reaching OutThe Friends link the Libraries to the community through sponsored and co-sponsored events. This year we hosted a Robert Bly reading to a packed house. Carl Flink, choreographer and Nadine Jette-Sween Professor of Dance and Chair of the University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, spoke at our Feast of Words dinner. Anatoly Liberman, Professor of German, Scandinavian and Dutch, with Maria Jette (a FOL Board member and soprano supreme) and Timothy Lovelace, associate professor of Collaborative Piano in the School of Music presented an afternoon invention centered on the writing and music of Oscar Wilde. And in May, Wendy Lehr, beloved actress, teacher and director, was the speaker at our Annual Celebration in Rarig Center.

Raising FundsSeveral years ago, the Friends board determined to focus its fundraising efforts on two very special collections: the Performing Arts Archives and the Upper Midwest Literary Archives, both overseen by curator Cecily Marcus. As part of this effort, we are seeking funds from grants, organizations, and individuals. The funds raised so far have been used in very critical and exciting projects:

  1. Processing Performing Arts/Literary papers and archives heretofore not widely accessible, such as: Graywolf Press co-founder Scott Walker, Dancer/philanthropist Sage Cowles, Costume designer Jack Edwards, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, and the Playwrights’ Center.
  2. Completing the digitization of more than 1,200 film and video objects from the Minnesota Orchestra, Guthrie Theater, James Sewell Ballet, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Minnesota Dance Theater, Penumbra Theatre, Ballet Arts MN archives, and the Dance Pioneer Oral History Project. Digitization preserves these valuable but fragile archives so that they can be used more broadly.

Meanwhile, Cecily has acquired the following new archive collections since spring 2013, all of which will need to be processed and preserved.

  • Minnesota Opera
  • Children’s Theatre Company
  • Park Square Theater
  • John Munger

It has been a very busy and productive year. And thanks are due.

The Libraries are full of interesting, intelligent, invigorating people whose main goal in the world is to share their treasures and their knowledge with us. As the Friends Board President, I thank them all: Wendy Lougee, the extraordinary University Librarian, all of the librarians, curators, and archivists, and, most especially, the Libraries staff that “rightly directs” the FOL board: Kathy McGill, Development Director, Linda Greve, Assistant to the Associate University Librarian for Community Outreach, Lanaya Stangret, Events and FOL Coordinator, Heidi Miller, Development Associate, and Mark Engebretson, Communications Director.

To all Friends of the University Libraries, thank you! You are the foundation. We love seeing you at Library events and welcome your input. So bring your friends to make new Friends of the Libraries and help us make the University of Minnesota Libraries Better than Best!

Judy Hornbacher
President, Friends of the Libraries

A special thank you to those many donors listed here whose generosity brings vitality and strength to the Libraries and their collections. The donors listed here include, among others, members of the Friends of the University Libraries, the Kerlan Friends, and the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections plus supporters of our other special archival collections: Charles Babbage Institute Archives, Givens Collection of African American Literature, Immigration History Research Center Archives, Upper Midwest Literary Archives, Northwest Architectural Archives, Performing Arts Archives, Social Welfare History Archives, the Tretter Collection, and University Archives. It includes general supporters of the Libraries, the Andersen Research Fellowship Program as well as the James Ford Bell, Music, Magrath, Wilson, and Wangensteen Libraries.

So much support from so many people – thank you. It is difficult to list our many individual supporters by gift designation, but we’re exploring some options! In the meantime, please know that your support is of great value to us, to each collection, and to the Libraries.

Wendy Pradt Lougee
University Librarian, McKnight Presidential Professor

Thank you to our Friends and Supporters

This list recognizes all contributions to the University of Minnesota Libraries from January 1 through
December 31, 2013. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may occur. If we have omitted
your name or listed your name incorrectly, please contact Lanaya Stangret at 612-624-9339 or

In-Kind Donations

Arthur M. Axelrad*

Jack Baker &
Michael McConnell

Bloomington Civic Theatre

Judith Brin Ingber

Lance Brockman

Steven Buck &
James Neagbour

Children’s Theatre Company

Sage Cowles*

Kate DiCamillo

Dr. John N. &
Mary Kay Dunne

Jean Craighead
George Estate

Peg Guilfoyle

Guthrie Theater

Mary Lee Hardenbergh

Lewis Hyde

Judith Brin Ingber

Dr. Karla Jay

Carolyn J. King

Dr. Ronald G. Klietsch

Bruce Kovner

Prof. Archibald I. Leyasmeyer

Prof. Roger B. Martin

Ronald Meshbesher

Minnesota Opera

Minnesota Orchestra

John Munger*

New Riverside Café/Al Haug*

Old Log Theater

Park Square Theater

Dr. David L Parker

Playwright’s Center

Stephen Rueff

Jon Scieszka

Ayako Sheldon

Dr. Linnea A. Stenson

William H. & Lois J. Stevens

Eric Stokes

Brad Theissen

Junjiro Tsuji

David Voss

Terrence J. Williams

$100,000 or more

Andersen Book Trust

$50,000 to $99,999

Muriel M. Orcutt Estate*

$10,000 to $24,999

Estonian Archives in the
U. S. Inc.

Susan Hill Gross

John & Nancy Lambros

Virginia S. &
Robert J. McCollister

Hugh G. Rouse &
Leonard R. Olds

YMCA of the Greater
Twin Cities

$5,000 to $9,999

Associates of the James Ford Bell Library

Dr. Cornelia W. Ooms Beck

Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation

Dr. Michael D. Lougee & Wendy Pradt Lougee

Minnesota Orchestra

National Recreation &
Park Association Inc.

Owen H. & Sarah D. Wangensteen Trust. Fund

Robert Rulon-Miller

Margaret Telfer

Emily Anne &
Gedney Tuttle*

$1,000 to $4,999

Dr. Samuel Albert

J. Stephen Benson &
Dr. Margaret J. Hornbacher

Dr. Marjorie Wall Bingham

Eleanor Butler
Cameron Estate*

Drs. Edward J. &
Arlene E. Carney

Sage Cowles*

George F. Detrick

Martha N. Douglas

Dr. John N. &
Mary Kay Dunne

Dr. Fred R. Erisman

Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

Finnish Amer Soc Club-Greater Worcester Foundation

Friends of the IHRC

Bernard W. &
Norma B. Gaffron

Jay A. Gordon

Greater Twin Cities
United Way

Robert J. Green &
Erin L. George

Megumi K. &
Jonathan A. Hill

Lois E. & Richard J. Kelly

Dr. Geraldine B. &
Jack B. King*

Marla J. Kinney

Martha A. Kopra

Solveig M. Kramer

Harry J. & Sandra K. Lerner

Prof. Paul T. &
Beatrice B. Magee

Dr. C. Peter Magrath & Susan Thon

MaryAnne & John J. Mauriel Jr.

Dr. Hans G. Othmer & Sophie Liu-Othmer

Daniel & Patricia Panshin

Prof. Emer Stephen &
Dr. Julianne H. Prager

Frank N. Ricchiazzi

Curtis L. Roy

Zon R. Shumway

Drs. Richard J. Sveum & Jennifer M. Olson

James D. Talley &
Donna L. Barbour-Talley

Dr. Stephanie C.
Van D’Elden

Dr. Peter R. &
Eunice Weisensel

William Reese Co.

$500 to $999

Robert Anholt &
Ann Waltner

Archivists & Librarians-History of Health Sci.

Michael & Natalie Bachelder

Profs Beverly Balos &
Mary L. Fellows

Dr. George S. Bergh Jr.

Nicholas E. Berkholtz

Drs. Robert H. Bruininks & Susan A. Hagstrum

David E. Drinkwater

Dr. Brian R. Gabrial

General Mills Foundation

G. Charles Hann

Warren H. &
Marilyn P. Hollinshead

Joan D. Humes

Innovations in Medicine LLC

Jesuit Novitiate

Drs. Sally E. &
Charles R. Jorgensen

Julia A. Kelly &
Renee Van Gorp

Dr. Richard J. &
Patricia L. Kirschner

Karen Koepp

Nancy Kosciolek

Dr. Russell H. &
Karen A. Larsen

Libey LLC

Drs. Elaine M. Lilly &
Joan Roca

Christopher B. Loring

William E. Mason

Medtronic Philanthropy

Diane B. Neimann

Norwegian Explorers
of Minnesota Inc.

Linda C. Odegard &
Harlan M. Cavert

Gordon R. Speck

Terry L. Tranter

Jill C. Vecoli

Dr. Barbara F. Weissberger

Dr. Stephen Willging & Katherine Wells

Adelia K. &
Leonard G. Wilson

Dr. Ivor Winton &
John A. Felipe

$499 and below

The 106 Group Ltd

3M Foundation Inc.

Mohamed S. Abdi

Abdulahi A. Abdulahi

Stuart & Jeanne Abraham

Jessica Abson

Jeffrey L. Adams

Vida & Gordon P. Adelman

Vishal S. Agarwal

Dr. Arnold R. Alanen

Saad S. Alnabulsi

Marino C. Alvarez Ed D.

American Medical
Systems Inc.

Doris H. Amundson-Arnold

Amy E. Andersen

Andrea M. Anderson

Claire E. Anderson

Donald D. Anderson

Janet I. Anderson

John W. Anderson

Karolyn S. Anderson

Dr. Louise H. Anderson

Ralph J. Anderson

Thomas D. Anderson

Ryoichi Ando

Dr. John O. Anfinson

Jacqueline A. Angus


Allan L. Apter

Omar H. Arab

Kiyoshi Arai

Bruce D. Ario

Megan K. Arney-Johnston

Megan J. Arnold

Nancy C. Assaf

John H. Augustine

Arvind Auluck-Wilson

Barbara S. Bach

Evan M. Baeten

Dr. Ayers L. Bagley &
Prof. Marian-Ortolf Bagley

Jeanne M. Bailey

Drs. George W. &
Nancy R. Bain

Sarjit S. Bains

Mary F. Baker

Elvi J. Bankey

Dr. Caroline G. Banks

Dr. Nancy V. Barcelo

Mary C. Barclay

Kirstine R. &
Gerald P. Barnaby

Harold P. Barron

Lee Barry III &
Peggy Hall

David J. Bartlett

Caroline L. Bassett

Bassford Remele

Dr. Stephen K. &
Sandra L. Batalden

Patricia Bauer &
David Geister

Paul E. Bauhahn

Allan Baumgarten &
Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten

Kathleen Baxter

Dr. Aaron R. Beaber

Ryan M. Bean

Larry Beaty

Jean M. & Lewis Beccone

Martha Davis Beck

Dr. Bernard R. Becker

Dale F. Becker

Charlene H. Behne

Dr. David G. &
Mary Ann Benditt

Benedictine Sisters Benevolent Association

John D. Bengtson

James T. Beran

Jane L. Berg

Stanton O. Berg

Phillip & Karen Bergem

Mark J. Bergen

John E. Bergquist &
Inez Waltman Bergquist

Jane C. Bergstrom

Prof. Hyman Berman

Sanford Berman

Frances A. Bernhardt

Anne E. Bertram

Best & Flanagan LLP

Hilary M. Beste

Raymond L. Betzner

Robert C. Beverage

Marian E. Biehn

Mark J. Bispala

John R. Bitterman

Joseph C. Blade

Patrick L. Blaine

Eric M. Blake

Carol Blakely

Donald F. Blasl

Peter E. Blau

Elizabeth S. D. Blaufuss

Thelma B. Boeder

Dorothy C. Bohn

Cleo L. & Alan J. Bonham

Timothy M. Bonham

Cecelia N. Boone

Steven E. Borg

Wilma F. Bosch

Andria M. & Scott D. Botzet

Prof. Norman E. Bowie

Shirley M. Brady

Dr. Leila R. Brammer

Steve A. & Gail G. Brand

Claire T. S. Branigan

Anna Brannin

Frank R. Braun

Breck School

Dr. David W. &
Evelyn P. Breeden

Daniel Brick

Dr. Betty Taylor Bright

Frederick W. Brooke IV

Vincent Brosnan

Terry A. Brown

Judith K. Brown-Wescott

Myrna W. Brudvig

Dr. Philip C. Brunelle

Lucy M. & Robert Brusic

Oksana Bryn

Larry Bucklin &
Jane G. Cromie

Nicolai W. Buhr

Karl M. & Grace Y. Bunday

Dr. Ann Wagner Bundgaard

Sharon J. Bunnell

Roger F. Burg

Eric T. Burke

Doris L. Burkemper

Timothy A. Burleson

Joseph W. Burns

Kathryn F. Burrell

Dr. Michael L. Burwell

Sandra M. Burwell

Elizabeth Buschor

Margarete C. Busse

Dr. Jon H. &
Roxanne D. Butler

David E. Byer

James T. Cahoy

Robert F. Cairo Jr.

Ann E. Calvert

Prof. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

Joseph E. Campion & Marguerite Ragnow

Patricia L. Canby &
John F. Bruhn

Andrea S. Cannon &
James R. Thomson

Susan R. Capell

Ellen & Richard Caplan

Michael Carey &
Margaret Brown-Carey

Arthur Carlson &
Sheila Hoffman

Emily J. Carney

Charlotte Carpenter

Louise Carpentier

Val Carter

Thomas E. Casey

Margaret &
Alejandro Catambay

Carol Cavalluzzi

Oscar B. Chamberlain

James M. Chastek

Judy M. Chelnick

Dr. Marilyn J. Chiat

Jose R. Chipoco

Chu-Yuan W. &
Dr. Chia-Pin Chiu

Sharon L. Chmielarz

Karen M. Chobot

Corey R. Christensen

Paul R. Christensen

Shirley J. Christenson

Ilene Christian

Birgitte & J. R. Christianson

Heidi S. Christopherson

Cheryle S. Clausman

Saul Cohen

Patrick K. Coleman

Dr. Peter Colwell

Jeanne M. Connelly

Ann Marie Connor

Constantine A. Contolatis

Christopher J. Conway

Alice Clark Cooney

Elaine M. &
Joseph A. Coppola

Dixie L. &
Richard D. Cornell

Jovany Cortes

Jon A. Cotner

Bradley J. Coulthart

J. Randolph Cox

Anastasia Craig

Willard D. Crakes

Shamey Cramer

Douglas A. Crane &
Ruth Hanold Crane

Jacquelyn M. Cronin

Dr. Edwin L. Crosby

Joseph M. Crosby

Nancy E. Crouse

William L. Crozier

Margaret L. Cruikshank

Lessie Culmer-Nier

James Curley & Akiko Ito

Lu Ellen F. Curran

Dr. Edward J. &
Carolyn C. Cushing

John C. Cushing Jr. & Martha Joy Cushing

CVRx Inc.

Dr. Caroline M. Czarnecki

Lawrence J. Czarnecki

Lawrence H. Daasch

Randy P. Dahl

Guangrong Dai

Treffle R. Daniels

Daughters of Penelope,
#14 PDG

Daughters of Penelope, Antigone-Chapter 35

Daughters of Penelope, PDG Club

Brian W. Daury

Craig S. Davidson

Thomas L. Davis

Davisco Foods
International Inc.

Dorothy A. Dayton

Diane L. Debban

Lynne Dekker

Janice A. &
Americo J. Del Calzo

Gerald P. Del Fiacco

Sharon & Michael DeMark

Dr. Robert & Jill DeMaster

George Deretich

Marcel A. Derosier

Bruce Derscheid

Nancy R. Devine

Barbara I. Dewey

Susan Z. Diamond &
Allan T. Devitt

Richard L. Dieterle

Dr. Christopher Dietz &
Jo Anne Judge-Dietz

David B. Dobson

Allen L. Dollerschell

Dr. Mary I. Donahue

Kathleen A. Donahue

Donaldson Co. Inc.

Bruce R. Doran

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

John D. Douthit

Georgina M. J. Doyle

Kay E. Drache

Rita B. Drone

Thomas L. Drucker

Dr. Joel R. Dufresne

James N. Duprey

William K. Dustin

Nomi &
Prof. Martin Dworkin*

Carol C. & Robert E. Dye

Dr. Robert &
Lou Ann Dykstra

Dwight A. &
Christine A. Dyrud

Nancy & Robert Dzidzan

Michael V. &
Colleen M. Eckman

Joseph J. Eckrich

Barbara Edling

Edward L. Weiss Law
Firm LLC

Michael & Beverly Ellis

Eloise N. Elmen

Robert A. Emery

Mark W. Emme

George E. Emrick

Clement C. Engen*

Carol J. Erdahl

Elizabeth B. Erickson

Dr. Judith B. Erickson

Leonard P. Erickson

Steven Eriksrud

John A. & Margaret Ernste

Kurt M. Errickson

Dr. G. Edward Evans

Dr. Patricia R. &
Richard M. Evans

Prof. Emer Sara M. Evans

Soren Eversoll

Dr. Sarah M. Evert

Karen Fadden

Kathleen G. Fahey

Michael Fallon

Judith L. &
Edward L. Farmer

Daniel E. Farnham

Dr. Sonia N. Feder-Lewis

Dr. Megan J. Feeney

Robert E. Ferdinand

Jessica L. Fiala

Heidi & David Fielding

Billy W. & Donna L. Fields

Dr. Gregory A. Filice

Karen Flannery

Gabriela Flores

Emily Florio

Susan C. Flynn

Sharon M. Folk

Pastor Rodger N. Foltz

John B. Forbes

Foth Infrastructure & Environment

Robert A. Frame

Dr. Robert M. Frame III

Dr. Frank B. Freedman

Dr. Carol J. Freeman

Susan Russell Freeman

Barbara E. Freese

Dr. Jeanne E. Freiburg

Jon E. Freise

Dr. Katherine L. French

Sally L. French

Dr. Maxine Freund

Janet A. Fried

Dr. Alan B. Frol

Dr. Barrie R. Froseth

Carrol L. Fry

Dr. Polly A. Fry

Timothy J. Fuller

Andrew G. Fusco

Francis J. Gagliardi

Thomas S. Galbo

Duane L. C. M. Galles

Susan D. Gangl

John T. & Nancy H. Garland

Marge Garske

Dr. Ronald W. Gaskin

Eileen A. Gavin

GE Foundation

Prof. Mary Ellen Gee

Thomas A. Gekler

Helen M. George

Douglas R. Gibbons

Kristi N. Gibson

Dr. Irvyn G. Gilbertson

Sandra Giovinazzo-Yates

Meg & Wayne Gisslen

Lisa J. Go

Barbara L. Golden

Terence M. Golden

Allen E. Gooch

William D. Goodrich

Bruce D. Goracke

Maria S. &
Thomas J. Gottwalt

Drs. Gayle Graham Yates & Wilson Yates

Todd F. Grant

Lucille R. Gravelle

Melissa L. Gray

Larry Greaves

Dr. Alton L. Greenfield

Leon & Marcia Greenfield

Patricia M. Greenlees

Alexian A. Gregory

Ronald P. Grenier

Julie M-C Greunke

Linda Greve

Diane M. & David F. Grigal

Michael J. Gross

Timothy N. Grover

Dr. Laura J. Gurak

Harriet R. Guthertz

Robert S. Guthrie

Clair R. &
Dona O. Haberman

Constance Haddeland

Donna K. Hageman

David E. &
L. Carolyn Hagford

Susan Haggberg-Miller

Andom Haile

Samatalis H. Haille

Ramona M. Haines

Elizabeth Hall

Kathleen M. Hall

Lois J. Hall

Margaret L. Hall

Ralph E. Hall

Dr. Henry E. Halladay

Darlene E. Hamilton

James C. Hamm

Dr. Heidi E. Hammond

Linda D. &
C. Michael Hancher Jr.

Dr. Patrick E. Hanna

Brenda G. &
Dr. Mark H. Hansen

Rebecca J. Hansen

Dr. Barbara E. Hanson

Barbara J. & Kent B. Hanson

Dr. Donald F. Hanson

Douglas W. Hanson

Emilie Hanson

Colleen M. Hart

Jeffory Hart

Prof. John Fraser Hart

John P. & Nancy K. Harvat

Lucky A. Omaar

Lisa Hassebrock

Mary Flo Hatcher

Willa L. Hathaway

James Hawthorne

James R. Hayne

Health Partners
Research Foundation

Carol E. Heath

Kathleen B. Hedges

Dr. Barbara P. Heinemann

Emmanuel V. Helb Jr.

Dr. Judith C. Helgen

Sharlene Hensrud

Richard D. Hermans

Helena Hernmarck

Harvey Hertz

Stella J. Herzig

Evelyn Herzog &
John Baesch

Robert C. Hess

Hess Roise & Co. Inc.

Jane K. Hession

HGA Architecture, Engineering, Planning

Robert A. Hiller

Donna M. Hipps

James M. Hirsch

Historical Information Gatherers Inc.

Maud Hixson

Don Hobbs

Nancy K. Hof

Susan J. Hoffman

Arthur L. &
Donna J. Hogenson

Eugene D. Hogenson &
Jan Phelan

Craig A. Holl

Thaddeus Holt

Dr. Neal R. Holtan

Dr. Margaret E. Horsnell

Dr. Lawrence M. Hossfeld

Douglas B. Hoverson

Hon William R. &
Julie C. Howard

Prof. John R. Howe Jr. & Judith J. Howe

Prof. Dennis R. Hower

Dr. Karen Nelson Hoyle

Wesley V. Hromatko

Lucinda L. Hruska-Claeys

George J. Hubbs

James F. Hubbs

John Hudzina

Kelly S. Hulander

Robert W. Hull

Christopher J. Hunder

Brent C. Huot

Rosalie A. Huston

Intel Foundation

Jeffrey D. Isaacson

Richard T. Isaacson

Itasca Consulting Group Inc.

Susan W. Jackson

Eric P. Jacobsen

Kathleen M. Jaglo-Joseph

Dr. William R. Jahnke II

Alessandro M. Jaker

Ahmed Javed

Harald H. Jensen

Dr. Carol E. Jenson

Kim W. Jeppesen &
Jeffrey Strand

Maria Jette

Benjamin L. Jilek

Dr. Rosie Webb Joels

Thea Johansen

Rosemary Erickson Johnsen

Alicia M. Johnson

Eunice Bisbee Johnson

JoAnn K. Johnson

Dr. Josie R. Johnson

Margel R. Johnson

Shelley Johnson

Ardes M. Johnson

C. Wallace Johnson

Carol A. Johnson

Carol A. &
Dennis J. Johnson

Dr. Deidre A. Johnson

Dr. Donald C. Johnson

Douglas A. Johnson

Edythe E. Johnson

John G. Johnston III

Edward T. Jones

Ellen M. Jones

Dr. Susan D. Jones

Dr. Heidi L. Joos

Pratik Joshi

Marcel R. G. Jouseau

John T. Kablan

Christa C. Kamenetsky

Mary Ann Kan

John L. &
Dr. Maythee J. Kantar

Randall B. Kapelke

Donald D. Karras

Herbert L. Karrer III

Matt J. Katka

Dr. Robert S. Katz

John F. & Joyce M. Kaufman

Dr. Michael H. Kean

Isabella K. Keating

Henry D. Keen &
Jill Averil Keen

Dr. Steven J. Keillor

Carol A. Kelleher

Daniel T. Kelley

Martin N. &
Esther M. Kellogg

Carol Jo & Donald G. Kelsey

X. J. C. &
Dorothy M. Kennedy

Dr. Robert A. &
Andrea E. Kerlan

Peter Kernahan

Barbara J. Kesser

Jack D. Key

Margaret L. Kirkpatrick

Dr. Deane A. Kishel

Dr. C. Frederick Kittle

Richard J. & Francine Kitts

David J. Klaassen

Jody J. Klaassen

Dr. Verla J. Klassen

Dr. James A. Klein

George E. Kline

Leslie S. Klinger

Paul A. Kluge

Knights of Columbus-Nazareth Cncl #4021

Mary Ann Knox

Carolyn R. &
Clayton J. Knutson

Brett E. Koenig

Prof. Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Robert Komoroski

Raymond J. Konz

Donna Koppelman

Luanne Strehlow Kotnik

Anna Kounas

Sandy Kozinn

Eleanor L. Krahn

Chris Kraus

Benjamin L. Krause

George J. &
Rosemary Kreutzer

Prof. Nicolai V. Krylov

Brian J. Krysinski

Aeryle D. Kuehn

Judith L. Kurtz

Amy E. Laird

Richard Lan

Land O’ Lakes Inc.

Christoph A. Landolt

Dr. Dale L. Lange

Elizabeth A. Lange

Kris H. & Holly C. Larsen

Mary L. Larsgaard

Brian & Jessica Larson

Dr. Dennis L. Larson

Joan B. Larson

Mary Alice &
Todd A. Larson

Joyce E. Larson-Schampel

Donald F. Larsson &
Natalie M. Rosinsky

John F. Lauber

Eugene P. Lavrenchuk

Wendell W. Lawin

Barry E. Lawson

Marlyce I. & Dr. Don E. Lee

Mary E. Leeder

Patricia M. Leefeldt

Mark S. Legler

Mary C. Leone

Rex H. Levang

Larry B. Leventhal

Sonia Levin

Dr. John I. &
Rachel G. Levitt

Jerald M. & Susan G. Lewis

Tom W. Lewis

Bernard Q. Li

Lin Li

Edward Licht

Gregg R. Lichtscheidl

Jon H. Lienemann

Robert O. Linde

Herbert A. Linder

Joe R. Lineweaver

Idelle Longman

Lawrence J. Loomis & Jeanette G. Kamman

Richard G. Loseth

Elizabeth A. Loudon

Barbara Stoffels Lubin

Dr. David A. Lundberg

Dr. Gerold Luss

Molly K. Lynch

Norman T. Lynskey

David B. Lyons

John D. Lystig

Michelle L. Ma

Linda J. & Warren E. Mack

Raymond N. Mackenzie

Gregory W. Madsen

Brent M. Magid

Carol S. & T. Richard Magin

Andrew S. Malec

Nancy J. Manahan

Ronald C. Manguson

Richard Mann &
Peggy Anderson

Paul P. Maravelas

Jenelle & Greil Marcus

Janet & Dick Marett

Jerry Margolin, BSI

Laurence J. &
Karin J. Margolis

David B. Markle

Harry S. Markley

Drs. Erwin &
Doris G. Marquit

Carole A. &
Charles P. Martin

Jennifer L. Martin

Dr. Barbara E. Martinson

Dr. Brian C. Martinson

Kile Martz &
Craig L. Anderson

Dr. M. Lavonne Marubbio

Charlene Mason

Kornelija Matkovic

Phyllis M. Mattill

Le Roy T. Mattson

John H. Maves

Dr. Martha Mayou

Thomas Mc Cabe

Dr. Robert G. Mc Kinnell

Peter Mc Laughlin &
Nancy Hylden

Marvin R. Mc Neff

Mary L. Mc Roberts

Dr. Hugh E. Mc Tavish

Carol McCabe

Drs. Michael J. &
Mary O. McCarthy

Dr. John W. McConnell

Gerald W. McCormick

Mark McCrea

Mary McDiarmid

Dr. F. Howard McDowell Jr.

Katherine L. McGill

Nancy N. McIntosh

James C. McLaughlin

Michael J. McNaughton

Amanuel G. Medhanie

Jay T. Mega Jr.

Dr. James H. Merrell

Kim J. Merriam

Stephen D. Merrill

Russell L. Merritt

Joyce A. Meyer

Elizabeth A. Meylor

Barbara J. Michaels

Rosemary M. Michaud

Ronny S. Millen

Angela S. Miller

Jane C. Miller

Janice & David P. Millford

Clark W. Millikan

Dr. Gerald G. Mindrum

Robert A. Minish

The Minnesota Opera

Jeffrey L. Missling

Stephen D. Moe

Prof. Dianne L. Monson

Rachel & Steve E. Moore

Josalyn L. Moran

Dr. Holly J. Morris

James E. Morrison

Gregory A. Moynagh

Jonathan D. Muecke

Robin L. Mueller

William J. Muggli

Brian J. Mulhern

Dr. Ann E. Mullaney

Donna J. Munro

Carolyn A. Munson-Benson

John E. & Suwanee Murphy

Josephine A. Musumeci

Paul H. Myers

Gordon Nakagawa

Dr. Nicholas D. Nash

Roger A. & Ann L. Nelsen

Rev Allan O. &
Imogene R. Nelson

Dr. Averial E. Nelson Jr. & Catherine Polasky

Bryan Nelson

Darlys H. Nelson

Geraldine M. &
Darby M. Nelson

Prof. Joel I. Nelson

Mary S. Nelson

Dr. Owen L. &
Deborah D. Nelson

Dr. Brian J. Nerney

Dr. Cheryl L. Neudauer

Dr. Joan H. Neumiller

Brandon T. Newberg

Dr. Margaret A. Newmaster

James M. Newsome

Richard Nielsen

Carol R. B. Nielson

Jacob J. Niewald

Diana M. Niskern

Donna Nix

Christina L. Nohre

Ellis S. Nolley III

Dr. Earl Nolting

Gail D. Nordstrom

Meredith L. Norstrom

Charles & Elaine Notis

Alia A. Nystrom

Donna E. Nystuen*

Lori J. Oberto

Joseph O’Brien

Kathleen A. O’Brien & Jeffrey H. Loesch

The Occupants of the Empty House

Dr. Wayne P. Ode

Dr. Thomas J. O’Dea

John R. Odney

Alice A. &
Terrence O’Donnell

Sherelyn Ogden

Gary D. Ohlrogge

Dr. William H. Ojala

Ryan O’Keefe

Bonnie K. Oldre

Michael Oliver

Brian W. Olson

Gretchen Olson

Marsha G. Olson

Patricia A. Olson

Shirley P. M. Olson

Steven E. Olson

James F. O’Neill Jr.

Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP

John & Ruta Ozol

Zoe Ann Palmer

Jerry Palms

Drs. Marcia J. &
Jon A. Pankake

Dr. Michael E. &
Ann R. Paradise

James L. Park

Dr. David L. &
Mary M. D. Parker

Stephen L. & Lois K. Parker

Carol J. & Peter F. Parshall

V. Russell Patience

Jennie C. Paton

Henry A. Patterson

Kermit Pattison

Marilynn J. Patzwald

Dr. Thomas C. Paulick

Joseph J. Pavek

Dr. Paul T. Pawlicki

Glenn D. Payton

Mark W. Pearson

Andrew J. Peck

Dr. Bette J. Peltola

Penumbra Theatre

Otto Penzler

Patricia M. Perkins

Cherie R. Perlmutter

Dr. Ronald G. Perrier

Phyllis Pesola-Krumholz

Penny A. Petersen

Daniel E. Peterson

Larry J. Peterson &
Lois A. Steer

Mary Ann &
Dr. Garry F. Peterson

Timothy E. Peterson

Pfizer Foundation

Anne K. Phillips

Felix M. & Ann S. Phillips

Michael O. Phillips

Beaudelaine D. Pierre

Pinnacle Engineering Inc.

James Pirie & Linda Eells

Philip B. Platt

The Playwrights’ Center Inc.

Andrew M. Pliml

Dr. Georgiana R. Podulke

Shirley L. Poliquin

Marsha L. Pollak

Carol E. Pomroy

Kimaree K. Poole

Diana D. Post

Nancy L. Powell

Dr. Gary A. Pozarnsky

PRAD Technologies Inc.

Sarah J. Pradt

Rama Prasad

Dr. Riv-Ellen Prell

Dr. Mary C. Preus

Douglas W. Pribyl

Patricia A. Price

Cleone F. Pritchard

John P. Pyle

Ting Qin

Miss. Eileen M. Quanbeck

David W. Quist

Warren Randall

Dr. Rebecca T. Rapport

Dorothy M. Rasmussen

Dr. Michael B. &
Carol A. Rath

Marcia M. Reardon

Red Balloon Bookshop

Chris Redmond

Thomas & Marie Rees

Jacob I. Reiber

Timothy M. Reich

Pamela M. Reierson

Daniel T. Reilly

Julie L. & James C. Reimer

Frank L. Rembisz

Dr. Maxine H. Reneker

John W. Renoos

Dr. Michael A. &
Patricia Rethwill

Cathy E. Retzer

Vanessa R. Reubendale

Christian S. Ricci

Susan M. Rice &
T. Michelle Fromkin

Raymond H. Riethmeier

Sally J. Rigler

Christopher T. Riley

Lois S. Ringquist

Sharon Blair Ritterspach

Duane J. Rivard

Alicia Rivera

Kirill A. Rivkin

Mary Kathryn Robbins & Catherine F. Croghan

Sara J. Roberson

Karen E. Robinson

Paul A. Robinson

Carolyn Roby

Thomas R. & Julie A. Rochat

John P. Rock

Wendy L. Roehlke

Les & Louise A. Rogers

Barbara Z. & Paul O. Rogne

Charlene K. Roise

Jonathan P. Rome

Mark J. Roney

Gerald M. Rosen

Prof. Andreas Rosenberg

Charles J. &
Kathleen V. Rosenow

Peter Rosewall

Miriam & Jerold Rothstein

Dr. Lori L. Roth-Yousey MPH

Bruce D. Rovner

Alexander E. Rozenson

Anne L. Rozga

Anthony T. Rozycki III

Dr. Mitchell E. &
Sarah P. Rubinstein

David O. Rupp

Marilyn I. Rushenberg

Stephen J. Ryan

Clyde B. Rykken

Michael Sabourin

Dr. Franklin B. Saksena

Ann G. Salovich Estate*

John Sandbo &
Jean Thomson

Margaret A. Sandine

Nancy P. Sather

Jane I. Satkowski

Mallur N. Satyanarayan

William J. Satzer

Roberta E. &
Arthur W. Saunders

William & Nancy Sauro

Richard A. Scarlett

Rose M. Schaefer

Glenn M. Schatell

Robert A. &
Marilynn C. Scherrer

David H. & Judith A. Schlief

Dr. Linda M. Schloff

Betty L. Schlothan

John D. Schmidt &
Robert K. Anderson

Jessica Schmitz

Gerald M. Schnabel

Jared S. Schneekloth

Robert J. Schneider

Kathleen E. Schubert

Inga K. Schuchard

John A. Schultz

Prof. Julie A. Schumacher

Amy Schwantes

Rosemary &
Dr. Jeffrey T. Schwedes

Seagate Techology

Mark E. Sedio

Gail S. See

Doris J. Seely

William J. Seil

Christopher Selleck

Judith A. Sellers

Prof. Philip H. Sellew

Selma K. Richardson Trust

Elspeth Selway

Jole R. Shackelford

Gregg S. Shadduck

John W. Shanahan

Dr. Linda C. K. Shane & Orrin C. Shane III

Prof. Alan E. &
Linda J. Shapiro

Carrie L. Shaw

Peter J. Shea

Dr. Bernard J. &
Nga N. Sheehan

Ames Sheldon

Richard D. Shields

Yumiko Shigaki

John C. Shillock

Diane C. Shimek

Prof. W. Phillips &
Barbara S. Shively

Gary Shulze &
Patricia Frovarp

Carol Hanson Sibley

Dr. Stella & Brian Sick

Joyce V. & James D. Sidman

Marilyn A. Siebert

Jonathan M. Siess

Gayle Simnick

Laurie R. Simon

Nancy J. &
Terrence W. Simon

Virginia Simon

Paul G. Singleton III

Dorothy P. Sinha

George D. Siriaco

Anthony D. Sisson

Ann M. Sittig

Rev Theodore D. Sitz

Michael G. Sladky

Margaret Smedegaard

Dr. M. Sarah Smedman

Dr. Stephen J. Smela

George M. Smerk

Dmitri V. Smirnov

Drs. MaryJo O. &
Guy M. Smith

Norma J. Smith Olson &
Dr. Mark A. Olson

Dr. Erik A. Smith

James P. Smith

Joan T. Smith

Louann Smith

Vicki M. Smith

Deborah J. Snouffer

Andrew L. Solberg

Kimberly M. Soler

Richard G. Solstad

Roger I. Sorbel

Dr. Scott P. Sorenson

Barbara R. Spannaus

Patrick R. Sperry

Charles G. Spetland

Dr. Stephen E. Spielberg

Dr. Jay Srinivasan

Matthew J. Stafki

Susan W. & John B. Stanford

Evan R. Stanley

Mark D. Stansbury-O’Donnell

Larry Stark

Dr. Olga Stavrakis

Freda &
Theofanis G. Stavrou

Maureen Steenblock

Dr. Linnea A. Stenson

Yale Stenzler

Andrea Stern

Coreen B. Stettner Blau

Dr. Robert J. &
Jean M. Stevenson

Mona K. Stevermer

Norton G. Stillman

Stinson Leonard Street LLP

Randall Stock

Joanne & Paul E. Stohl

Jennifer A. Stohl Powell & Todd Powell

Cynthia C. Stokes

Terrence L. Stokke

Merrie & James Stolpestad

Richard E. Stone

Richard T. Stone

Carol C. Stoppelmann

Drs. Erik F. Storlie &
Tamara L. Kaiser

Kenneth R. Storm Jr.

Jack Stuart

June C. Stubbins

Dr. Paul F. Stuehrenberg

Lori C. Sturdevant

Grace K. Sulerud

John L. Sullivan

Michael G. Sultan

Summit Envirosolutions Inc.

Dr. Aimee Sutherland & Frederick B. Swengel

Prof. Craig E. &
Janet F. Swan

Charles L. Swanson

Deborah E. Swanson

Dr. Diana R. Swanson

Susan M. Swanson

David C. Sweet

Dr. Gregory T. &
Jeanette L. Swenson

Anne C. Swiggum

Philip H. Swiggum

Eric M. Swope

Kathryn H. Syme

Dr. Edward H. Szachowicz II

David M. Szewczyk

Ned Tabat

Roger R. Tamte

Rafael E. Tarrago

John Tartaglia &
Carol E. Barnett

Charlotte H. Templin

Scott T. Templin

David C. Tennessen

Donald J. Terras

Gary K. Thaden

Francisco J. Thayer

Robert Thayer &
Nancy Meade-Thayer

The Edythe Miller
Family Trust

Marcia L. Thoen

Christina K. Thomas

Dr. David Evan Thomas

Muriel M. Thompson

Thomson Reuters North American Legal

Faythe Dyrud Thureen

Charles B. Thurston

Barbara S. &
Kenneth F. Tiede

Kenneth I. Timoner

Krista W. Tippett

Judith L. Titcomb

Peter Tobias

Dr. Thomas M. Todd

Mary L. Topp

Patricia & Tokiaki Toyama

Richard C. Trapp

Tamson A. Trelstad

Dr. Paul V. Trescony

Dr. Steve Y. Tsai

Dr. George D. Tselos

Steve A. Tuckner

Patsy A. Tupper

Donna J. Turbes

David A. Turetsky

Catherine Tweedie

Two Pines Resource
Group LLC

Andrew T. Tyler

Dr. Carol L. Urness

UTC Aerospace Systems

Michele Vaillancourt & Brent Wennberg

Diane S. Van Weele

Bill Vande Water

Lois M. VanDyck

Kevin T. Varner

Dr. Elizabeth M.

David J. Varricchio

Brian R. Vats-Fournier

Margaret A. M. Vaughan

Lisa Vecoli &
Marjean V. Hoeft

Dr. Gerald T. Vigue

Brenda L. Vinall-Mogel

Norman M. Vinnes

Lisa H. Vogl

Dr. Phillip A. Voight

Mary Lou Voigt

Dr. Vienna K. Volante

Kenneth L. Volker

Paul & Lisa Von Drasek

Kyle D. Vraa

Walbran & Furness

Kim W. Waldof

Lynn E. Walker

Jonathan M. Wallace

Stephanie B. Wallen

Maxine H. Wallin

Julia A. Wallman

Constance J. Walther

Dr. Ann T. Walton

Prof. Arthur E. Walzer

Cecilia A. Warner &
Colin R. Campbell

Katherine P. Warner

Dr. Anne B. Warwick

Marion E. Watson

Prof. Esther F. &
Dr. Lee W. Wattenberg

Dianne K. Weaver

Dr. Margaret R. Weglinski

Suzanne M. Weinstein

Dr. Gerhard H. Weiss

Mary Ellen Weller

Prof. Peter S. Wells

Wells Fargo Foundation

Dennis H. Werling

Daniel J. Werst

Dennis E. West

Mr. & Jerry Westby

Rolf E. & Nolinda Westgard

Michael F. Whelan

John T. & Sandra G. White

Barbara L. Whiting

Sarah Whiting

Wheelock Whitney

Claudia J. Wielgorecki & Thomas R. Fisher

Dr. Gwen M. Willems

Lori-Anne Williams

Sheldon M. Williams

Terrence J. &
Patricia Hampl Williams

Raymond E. Willis

Morgan G. Willow

James A. &
Catherine C. Wilson

Patricia Wilson

Dr. Philip K. Wilson

Donna B. &
Laramie M. Winczewski

Winthrop & Weinstine PA

Margaret Wirth-Johnson

DuWayne M. &
Kay M. Witt

Anita Wokhlu

Thomas R. Woodruff

Dr. Joseph H. Woodside

Alice B. & Stephen R. Wright

Prof. George T. Wright

Patricia A. Wright

Dr. William Wustenberg

Charles B. Yancey

Liubou A. Yarmolik

John A. Yilek

John A. Yngve

Doris W. Yock

Diane C. & Nevin D. Young

Carl R. Youngdahl

Dr. Mahmood A. Zaidi

Judith M. Zetterberg

Irene E. &
Daniel S. Zimmerman

John Zygmunt

University of Minnesota Libraries
Advisory Boards and Board Members

The Libraries thank the following Boards and Committee members for their support and council:

Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries

Donna Barbour-Talley

Marjorie Bingham

Colin Campbell

Peter Campion

John Cook

Aaron Doering

Sara Evans

Mary Louise Fellows

Susan Hagstrum

Judy Hornbacher, President

Maria Jette

Thea Johansen

Isabel Keating

Julie Kelly

Karen Koepp, President Elect

Jim Lenfestey

Wendy Pradt Lougee, Ex-Officio

Pete Magee, Immediate Past President

Katherine McGill, Ex-Officio

John Murphy

Linda Odegard

Gail See

Lanaya Stangret, Ex-Officio

Craig Swan

Margaret Telfer

Emily Anne Tuttle

Friends of the Andersen Horticultural Library Board

Katherine Allen, Ex-Officio

Wendy Brockman, Secretary

Shirley Kooyman, Vice President

Edward Roy, Treasurer

Paul Schlick, President

Kerlan Friends Board

Nancy Caffoe

Nancy Carlson

John Coy

Sarah Park Dahlen

Carol Erdahl

Carolyn Gwin

Maythee Kantar

Lesa Kennedy

Verla Klassen

Brian Nerney

Mary Rockcastle

Julie Schumacher

Jean Stevenson, President

Lisa Von Drasek, Curator, Ex-Officio

Katie Weiblen

Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections Board

Phil Bergem

John Bergquist, Vice President

Lucy Brusic

Michael Eckman

Timothy Johnson, Ex-Officio

Julie McKuras

Michael McKuras

Tim Reich

Ray Riethmeier

Steven Stilwell

Richard Sveum, President

Gary Thaden

Friends of the Tretter Collection Advisory Committee

Eric Colleary

James Garlough

Greg Gronseth, Chair

Jada Hansen

Anne Hodson

Jean-Nickolaus Tretter, Founder

Stewart Van Cleve

Lisa Vecoli, Curator, Ex-Officio

Phil Willkie

The Libraries are grateful to the following supporting organizations:

Associates of the James Ford Bell Library
Ellen George, Chair

The Givens Foundation forAfrican American Literature
Mary Franklin, Chair

The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota
Gary Thaden, President

Become a Friend of the Libraries

Private support is essential as we seek to fulfill our mission to inspire learning and discovery through information resources, collaboration, and expertise; your financial contributions enable us to remain at the forefront of academic libraries. Basic membership in the Friends is $40 each year; at the $80 level, you are eligible for borrowing privileges.

To join, or for more information about the Friends, visit, call 612-624-9339, or

Benefits include:

  • Invitations to lectures, exhibit openings, author readings, and other special events.
  • Unlimited onsite access to all electronic journal, magazine, and newspaper subscriptions (for members at the $80 level).
  • A subscription to continuum (annual magazine), News and Events (thrice-yearly newsletter), and Short Stacks (monthly e-newsletter).
  • Discounts at the University of Minnesota Bookstore, located in Coffman Memorial Union.
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