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How I Work: Mariah Berner

By April 4, 2016September 16th, 2023No Comments

Mariah Berner

What do you do?

I am second-year student double-majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment and Psychology. I currently work with for the University Libraries as a Peer Research Consultant, CLA First Year Experience as a CLA 1002 Section Leader, and CLA Ambassadors.

What tools/software/hardware/etc do you use to do your work?

I have found since coming to college that my laptop is my go-to for everything; whether it be writing a paper, reading one of my textbooks, or checking Moodle and my email.

A more specific tool I have found extremely useful is Google Drive. Between my jobs, my group projects, and my student organizations, Google Drive has proven to be the top way to effectively communicate. It is great that anything created is automatically saved, but at the same time you can also review all the past changes.

Another tool I use is Google Calendar to keep track of time. Google Calendar easily syncs with my phone and my computer calendar, so I always can pull up my schedule. It has also been a handy tool for me to communicate with bosses or mentors, as our meetings or events show up on both of our calendars and if there are any edits/revisions you are notified.

What do you use that you love? What do you use that you wish worked better?

Again, I can’t be more grateful to have a laptop. For example, instead of having to carry my textbooks with me to use while I study during breaks, I can easily access the e-books online. Another reason why I like it is because I like to keep records of everything I do. In my documents, there are many folders for each year, subject, event, club, and of course the “miscellaneous” folder.

Something I wish that worked better is the internet connection at certain times and in certain locations. For example, if I forget to download the items on Moodle for a class, it is frustrating trying to access the documents if the internet is being slow or wacky.

A Note From The Librarian

Ryan MattkeStudents, find e-books for your courses through the Libraries and check out the Peer Research Consultants for help with research papers. Professors, make it easier for your students to access their course material with Digital Course Packs or through a project with the Partnership for Affordable Content.

Ryan Mattke

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