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Bio-Medical Library prepares for updated entryway

By June 5, 2017September 16th, 2023No Comments

by Erinn Aspinall

It’s no secret that the Bio-Medical library is a great place to learn, collaborate, study, and create. Since its renovation one year ago, the library has seen a 15 percent increase in the number of people entering its doors.  

These doors will get a brand new look as the library completes the final touches of its renovation with an updated entryway that will be installed this summer.

Our work, made visible

The new entryway will be highlighted by a dark gray accent wall that will name both the Bio-Medical Library and the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.  A series of four poster holders will feature rotating content that will promote current events, activities, and resources of the two Health Sciences Libraries housed within the space.

Updated entryway for the Bio-Medical Library and the Wangensteen Historical Library.

Updated entryway for the Bio-Medical Library and the Wangensteen Historical Library.

“As people approach our library, they will get an immediate sense of who we are and what we do,” said Janice Jaguszewski, Director of the Health Sciences Libraries.  “It is another way we are making our work more visible and promoting our space as a service,” she added.

The entryway will be made into a community gathering space with added seating to bring people together.  “As we showcase our work and resources within a welcoming environment, we are extending the reach of the library as a connector, a creative catalyst, and a common good for the Academic Health Center,” says Jaguszewski.  

A mural to explore

The newly designed entryway will feature a floor-to-ceiling mural that features images depicting current health sciences practice and iconic images from the history of medicine, many of which may be found in the collections of our Wangensteen Historical Library.

Entryway mural designed by Darren Terpstra.

Entryway mural designed by Darren Terpstra.

Darren Terpstra, Exhibit Designer for the Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections, had the vision for the mural. He worked closely with Curator Lois Hendrickson of the Wangensteen Historical Library, selecting images that were interesting and unique and then designing the mural with those elements.

“I wanted to speak to the diverse set of disciplines that make up the world of health,” said Terpstra.  “I also wanted elements that would not just stand alone, but could help tell the story of how interconnected the health sciences fields and the human body are,” he added.

As individuals walk from the entryway and into the library, the mural imagery will continue into the library space and will transition to include more contemporary images of health research and practice. This continuum of imagery will bring individuals into the space, making it a cohesive experience for library visitors.  

The mural will also invite people to pause and explore. “There are many bits and pieces to be discovered in the mural,” said Terpstra. “From the subtle, almost transparent images in the background, to layered and bold images in the foreground – there’s something to be found each time you look at this new installation.”

Project Updates

Enjoy the photos of the renovated space, and check back for regular updates as our renovation takes shape over the summer.

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