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Updates from the Toaster Team

By March 26, 2020September 16th, 2023No Comments

Updates from the Toaster Team

After three weeks of operation, The Toaster officially closed the doors on March 17th to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The dynamic Toaster Team is doing all they can to stay well, stay connected, and stay innovative while working remotely – a tall task for a team dedicated to promoting person-to-person communication and collaboration. 

See below for updates from the Toaster Team and keep an eye on Continuum for a series of updates as we continue our efforts to promote discovery, generate ideas, and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit… from our home “offices.”  

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Amal, Strategic Communications Major at CLA, officially moved out and back home for the rest of the semester, very hectic! Taught her siblings a lot of new games, had some fun paint sessions, and a lot of FaceTiming friends. Social distancing done right! 

Anastasia, Food Science major at CFANS, is procrastinating on assignments by drawing and collaging in her sketchbook. Ping, a baby dragon plushie, helps her through online lectures and coursework. 

Brett, Business and Marketing Education at CEHD, is currently hanging with his house dog Kobe while brainstorming potential ideas for future Toaster events and making delicious food.

Ian, Finance and Philosophy Major at CSOM, is trying to hang in there by being the best social distanced individual in the world. He hopes to keep his mental health strong while working on remote projects for the Toaster.

Narmada, Biology major at CBS, is staying hydrated, having online game nights with friends (would recommend Catan!) and working on remote projects for the Toaster.

Sage, Computer Science Major at CDES, is working out of her old bedroom in the Chicago suburbs. Converted to storage since her move to the UMN, she is currently using a Kitchenaid box as a desk.

Tyler, Information Technology Infrastructure at CCAPS, with his roomate moved out for the semester, is using his attic space as a workshop where he is repairing a 3d printer recently donated to the Toaster.

Erik, Toaster Innovation Outreach and Program Specialist, is working to balance the outreach and engagement of the Toaster Community from his living room with the on-boarding of two new coworkers, his sons Casper (3) and Wally (1)” 

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