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Libraries’ help ‘invaluable’

By August 27, 2020September 16th, 2023No Comments

On Aug. 21, faculty member Sheer Ganor tweeted:

“Things librarians have done this week to help me with my classes:

“1. Created a library guide tailored specifically to one of my courses.
“2. Shipped physical copies of books not available online to my home.
“3. Populated my course site with links & PDFs to readings.
“4. Set up visits to my classes to walk students through working with library resources remotely.
“5. Answered a ton of my greenhorn energy questions.

“So much is going wrong in the world right now, but @umnlib is so right.”

Asked to expand on her Tweet, Ganor wrote:

Sheer Ganor

Sheer Ganor

I’m teaching two classes this semester: History of the Holocaust and History of Human Rights. The Libraries’ services have been invaluable in a number of ways.

First, in the remote learning environment, making as many readings and media available digitally for students is absolutely critical. The eReserve pages that the library team created for my classes offer students one space where they can access all of the assigned material: Digital books, scanned chapters, journal articles, audio and video links, and others. It’s a simpler, smoother way for students to access the course content.

Second, students in the History of the Holocaust course will undertake an individual research project that requires serious engagement with various library resources. Librarian Brian Vetruba did not only create a course library guide to help students locate important relevant resources, he will also visit the class to speak to students in detail about how to get the most out of those library resources while working remotely.

Importantly, the library team has been very helpful in supporting me as an instructor, always responding to my questions promptly, offering tips and guidance, and shipping physical copies of books that are not available online.

Teaching remotely in the context of a global pandemic is a monumental task for everyone involved. The library team’s support under these circumstances has been so meaningful. Myself and other instructors are truly grateful to work with these professionals.

—Sheer Ganor, Assistant Professor of History


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