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Reflections on student life

By January 20, 2022September 16th, 2023No Comments

As we begin the start of a new semester in a new year, we often look forward and back. Members of our Libraries’ staff share a few things that they would have done differently during their student years. Their perspectives may be helpful for today’s students.

Kim Clarke

Kim Clarke, Communication Studies, Curriculum & Instruction, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, OLPD

“I wish when I was a student that I had gone out more. I worked a lot in school. I wish I had taken more time to have fun because that sense of freedom and few responsibilities — that has gone, never to return. I wish I had made more time to play. I had a full course load every semester and, looking back, that was a time when playing was definitely warranted.”

“If it were library-related, I would say I wish they had a 24/7 chat system. I did take a class on how to use the library while I was in the [College of William and Mary], but sometimes I needed just a little push in the right direction.”

Melissa Eighmy Brown

Melissa Eighmy Brown, Interim Director of Content Acquisition & Delivery

“I wish when I was a student that I would have studied abroad. Italy or France [because] I studied Art History.”


Kris Kiesling

Kris Kiesling, Director of Archives and Special Collections

“I wish is that I had taken English classes and read more of the classics. I tested out of my first year of college, so my college career was compressed: I took very few courses that didn’t relate to my major (history) other than what was required. So, when I started working at the Ransom Center at UT Austin, which has incredibly rich English and American literature archival collections, I felt like I needed to do some catch-up. Which I did!

“The other thing I wish I’d done is learn Latin and Greek. Just ‘cuz.”

Jen Neveau

Jen Neveau, Web Content Strategist

“I wish when I was a student that I’d had the same kind of access to the planning and organization systems that are available now. In addition to the who-what-when of it all (because remember, I didn’t even have Google Calendar back then!), I think there’s an awesome mindfulness piece to things like bullet journaling and habit tracking that would be particularly important during the occasional chaos that is young adulthood and college life. (Plus, it’d be a blast to look back on now!)”

Maggie Parra

Maggie Parra, Business Reference & Information Services

“I wish when I was a student that I had known about the Pomodoro technique for productivity! As a student I often used what you could call the ‘last-minute marathon’ technique and it wasn’t nearly as effective.”

Shane Nackerud

Shane Nackerud, Director, Course Materials Services

“I wish when I was a student that I had done a study abroad trip. It wasn’t common when I was in college. In fact, I can’t think of any of my classmates that took advantage of studying abroad! But now, especially now, I wish I would have gone anywhere. To this day, I’ve only been to Winnipeg and Mexico!”

Carissa Tomlinson

Carissa Tomlinson, Director for Student Experience, Learning & Outreach

“I wish when I was a student that I spent more time getting involved on campus. Other than class, I didn’t do much on campus. There are so many great activities, clubs, and programs to get involved with. Not only are they fun, but they can lead to future opportunities including a better understanding of what you want to do with your career and life.”

Mark Engebretson

Author Mark Engebretson

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