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Step up your lit game with the Summer Reading-opoly!

By June 7, 2023September 16th, 2023No Comments

Warm weather is back in the Twin Cities, and so is fun reading at the University of Minnesota Libraries with the Summer Reading-opoly! 

The reading-opoly board is set up like a traditional Monopoly game. Each square comes with either a reading challenge, like “read a graphic novel” or “re-read an old favorite,” or an activity like “visit an independent bookstore.” 

Fill out the board by completing the tasks in a property set (indicated by a unique color and symbol combo), completing each open book or social media challenge, or completing two out of four scooter or icon activities. 

“This summer it’s really easy to have a submission and have a chance to win a prize. Because with these property sets, you could read maybe two books or do a couple activities,” said Library Assistant Lacie McMillin. “I think we’ll get a lot of submissions this year.” 

Program highlights Libraries’ popular reading collection

There were 18 submissions last month, the highest May total since the summer reading program began in 2015. It was created by the From Our Collections group at the Wilson Library to promote the popular reading selection in the McCollister Collection. Since then, the group expanded and collaborated with other Libraries departments to plan the summer reading program. 

Every year the team picks a new theme, from the inaugural summer reading bingo to the reading road trip. After the program’s first year, people from across the campus asked, “Are you gonna do this again?” 

Readers can submit their completed sets before Sept. 10 using this form to be entered into a prize drawing.

“We found out that different departments kind of created their own challenge, so using our game board, they would compete against their coworkers,” said Ashley Kes, a Library Assistant at Wilson Library. “So that was really fun to learn, and just see how many people are looking forward to it each year.”  

This year’s theme came from Pinterest, and the idea translated well to the Libraries. Electric scooters replace the railroad squares, and instead of “Go to Jail,” it’s “Got to Library” for personalized recommendations from the Libraries Book Matchmakers. And of course, Goldy Gopher substitutes his maroon jersey for a sharp suit and top hat. 

“I’m excited about the reading-opoly, which we’ve gotten a lot of anecdotal, informal feedback at the desk, and everybody’s like, ‘This looks so cute,” McMillin said. 

McMillin and her colleagues are sporadically filling out their boards, reading around the block until they eventually get a set. 

“One thing that I’ve definitely done is read a book in a different format because I love using Libby to read eBooks,” McMillin said. “It’s super convenient to read on my Kindle.” 

Kes has been reading her “fun, guilty pleasure” series, “Zodiac Academy” by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, while McMillin and Becky Adamski have both been reading the series “Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors” by Sonali Dev, about an immigrant Indian family living in San Francisco (each book is loosely based on a Jane Austin novel).  

“I’ve been visiting the free little libraries around my town. Doing some of those activities with my kiddo has been fun,” Kes said. 

McMillin also recommends “The Brown Sisters” by Talia Hibbert, a three-book series about the love lives of three sisters, but she’s particularly excited for the “re-reading an old favorite challenge,” so she can enjoy the nice weather with her “Lord of the Rings” audiobooks. 

“It’s always good to go back every few years and give them another read,” she said. “It was like something my dad was super into, so he got me and my brother into them.” 

Readers can submit their completed sets before Sept. 10 using this form to be entered into a prize drawing. There’s a maximum of 18 entries per person, but readers can’t use the same book twice. Otherwise it’s time to pass Go and collect your summer reading list! 

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